Hair tips


So July this year I joined the low cut team and when I decided to be on low cut, I didn’t do it with the intention of growing natural hair, I just wanted to have an entirely new look but with time I think I’m ready to join the team natural… Just saying.

So I have heard many of my friends complain how hard it is to comb and style the natural hair in the morning and the stress you have to go through.  For the love I have for my natural hair sisters and for we that are still on the natural hair journey . Here are tips you should consider:

  • A spray bottle: Every girl on natural hair or intending to go all natural must always be with her spray bottle. It’s like having your phone with you everywhere you go and it’s very important especially because  our weather in Naija is not too friendly to girls with natural hair and it makes the hair very hard to maintain the hair. A spray bottle should contain water , leave in conditioner, oils and whatever you think would help your hair.
  • imageWeaving your hair in big cornrows or Bantu knots before bed is very important . When you weave your hair before going to bed , it makes it easy to comb and style the next day especially for peeps with very stubborn hair. If you are to lazy to do the tiny Bantu knots, just weave the hair in few rows and you’re good to go.


  • Wearing satin Hair cap: You have to do away with the popular black hair nets with holes in them. I advise you go for satin hair cap so that the weaves are intact and oils you have applied stimulates well in the hair  .


I hope the above tips help you in a very great way.

Have a great weekend lovers!


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