So I finally had  a make over guys! I said finally because My normal routine is just applying my foundation, powder and eyeliner and I’m out of the house. so doing the complete make over is very new to me and I totally loved it!!



So the experience was amazing and I remember telling Yetunde the make up artist after she was done with my face how gorgeous The makeover is and people walking up to us in the shop and saying all nice stuffs about the makeup . I felt like a Babygirl lol.



So despite me loving the whole makeover, I suggest somedays you go light with the makeup because trust me some girls are always with the full bridal makeup whether they are just going to the beach, school and other places. Hmmm! Even the celebs we try to imitate all have days when they just go with powder and eyeliner . I might be wrong sha but anything you’re comfortable in is all that matters.

What better day to wear my fav palazzo pants !



I hope you love the makeover and the post . Have a great day .


makeup: Zaron

Palazzo: custom made

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