Most times I wonder how the weekends just go just like that and before you know it, it’s Monday again. So I have good news for all my readers… Drums rolling… Yaaay I got a job!!! I’m so grateful to God for it even though I have to say goodbye to crop tops and high waist trousers and hello to shirts and suits sigh!




So its training week and this is the only week we are allowed to dress corporate  before we resume wearing suits, shirts and heels.. So I decided to wear a white chiffon shirt and a black skirt. I didn’t want the normal tuck in your shirt in your skirt , so I decided to use a belt ( mum’s belt ) over the shirt.


I completed this outfit with a green jacket that I’m totally in love with and Oxford shoes . So I’m not a heels person and I can literally get married wearing sneakers unless bae complains lol . Many peeps have complained because of my height, don’t worry guys thanks to my new job, I’ll be a normal girl and love heels.





Shirt, jacket and shoe- indigo boutique

skirt- gift from friend

bag- Thelma’s bag lol

How would you have styled the outfit? Do you have any questions? I’ll love to hear from you.


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