Phew! TGIF!!! I know many of us are so excited the weekend is here and can’t wait to chill and be free from work and traffic. I’m definitely one of those peeps that are happy about the weekend o! Though I might not attend any parties or hang out with friends, I’ll just stay at home and chill.

Shirt layering simply means wearing a shirt with your dress, top or skirts.




Shirt layering is one trend I really love because most of us can’t be like celebs that just wear clothes once and dump it , some of us actually want to still wear our clothes over and over again but differently and in a unique way.  I tried the trend with my ankara dress that I’ve had for a long time with a white chiffon shirt.




Shirt layering is very easy to pull off, suitable for people that are not comfortable showing off certain parts of the body, for example, some girls are not comfy showing their arms but would still want to try the off shoulder dress, shirt layering is the answer. Just  look for a shirt and pair it with either your tops, dresses and skirts to create a new look. I’ll definitely be wearing this trend more because of the positive comments I got from my colleagues 😊..( the guy that sells recharge cards even showed me love by giving me his umbrella because the weather was too hot) Awwwn 😍



Just don’t go overboard when trying this trend. Make sure the shirt you want to pair would make the outfit look better, you don’t want to make an outfit ugly by pairing it with a very weird looking shirt.

Would you try the shirt layering trend?  Do you have any suggestions? I’ll love to hear from you. Your comments would be appreciated.

Have a great weekend!


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