Dee Mako’s Lagos BloggerBrunch

Dee probably knows I’m totally in love with her style, blog and ermm let’s say her too and, I remember when she asked a question at the brunch  with regards to 2016 fashion trends and I answered correctly and in her words “Ahh! You know me more than myself” lol maybe girl!


I was so excited when I checked Instagram and saw an invitation , I knew I wasnt going to miss it and I’m so excited I didn’t come up with excuses and work didn’t stop me from attending too.


The event took place on the 12th December 2015 at the Davinci Fashion lounge situated at 19, Adetokumbo V.I Lagos. About 40 fashion , beauty and lifestyle bloggers attended the event.

Genuine happiness

I’ve never been in a gathering of bloggers and it was an amazing feeling.  We had so many discussions of how to boost  your blog, manage photography/photographer  issues(which I’m still having issues getting a very good photographer till I get my camera) so anyone who knows a very good photographer or if you are a photographer and you’ll love  love to work with me, please send me a mail  to, plix, I’m very fun to work with .Thank you!

Titi Belo’s collection

Guess what? I won an outfit from Titi Belo and I’m sooo excited and can’t wait to actually wear it and take pictures, who can guess which of the outfit I went for? Lips sealed.

Bidemi and Thonia

When i look at the pictures I took with Bidemi Aka the style train, I remember at the brunch we were discussing how one gets lost on Instagram without knowing, you’ll check one page and before you know , you have stalked like 50 people! Sigh!so Bidemi who by the way is an amazing fashion blogger and stylist is one of those people I randomly got to his page and started stalking ( covers face)

Shewa and Thonia
Shoe game

I also met my blogger sister Shewa and its surprising  how the both of us just got along very well despite the fact that we just met that day. I also met Tonye Igbani( should I spill what we have coming up), Nappyhaired, Tope . I wish I could mention everyone, just know you all are family and can’t wait to do a post with each of you.

Unlooking pose I guess




I decided to wear a very comfortable blue dress which was a gift from my Big sister( Thanks Mrs B) and I paired it with a fedora  and brown heels and bad. I guess I looked good?!




I’m definitely going to attend the next edition and I want to say big thank you to the sponsors of the event for all the goodies.


Dress: gift from the sister

bag and shoe: indigo boutique

glasses: jumia

fedora: a store at ojuelegba

photography: Alex and Jeff❤️










Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend.


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