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Fashion Tips to looking Chic This season.

Hey Darlings, how’s your week going? I know many of us are so excited about the holidays that starts tomorrow, and whoop whoop !! It’s Christmas in two days . This Christmas just made me realize that I’m getting older and certain things like (Christmas clothes, The food , Gifts from uncles and aunts, Trip to Amusement park ) no longer gets me excited like they used to.


Remember my last post here , I mentioned I met amazing style bloggers like Tonye. We decided to do a collaboration on the very important things that you’ll need to consider before attending any event this season . We all know this period is packed with so many shows and events and I can say for sure that many of us might have the issue of picking the right outfit to wear to a particular event.

I’ll be listing a few things that are important and should be considered so that you look amazing to that event and seize the Bae lol.


Bright colors: Life is too short to be seen in very dull colors. This holiday is a season of love, joy and happiness and that is the more reason why you should wear bright colors. I love how the both of us went monochrome in our tops and skirts which made the outfit look more chic and beautiful. Tonye went with yellow and she made me realize what I’ve been missing not having a yellow outfit. I’ll definitely be getting one very soon.image

I decided to go with the color “Red” which I can say I love because well it’s my mums favorite color and I think it suits this season perfectly, let’s not forget Father Christmas wears a red outfit ( Covers face). Whatever color you decide to go with for this season, be sure it’s suits your skin tone perfectly and I know some might want  to go with a different color of top and skirts, that’s okay but be very careful matching two bright colours as you don’t want to arrive at the venue looking like a clown.


Skirts: I know it’s weird coming from from someone that hardly wear skirts. I remember in the university I owned only two skirts and that’s thanks to my friends and the fact that I wanted to join a fellowship back then. I know many are like me that don’t fancy skirts but we should know that wearing skirts makes us look more sophistacted, that’s not to say you can’t look sophisticated in a dress.


I  paired my skirt with an off shoulder that didn’t make the outfit look like I was attending work but an event because I think some of us might be scared of looking too serious when we think of wearing a skirt to an event. If you’re wearing a skirt that appears to be Too serious , then go playful / creative with your top and look fab.


High Heels shoes: pairing your outfit with a pair of high heels shoe should be considered when attending an event this season. Wearing heels gives more confidence and for we that are not on the ” Tall side” high heels shoes should be our bestfriend. I love how Tonye and I completed our look with white heels and white clutch.


A purse or Clutch: A clutch is very important when attending an event because of important items like your phones, money/ Atm card , power Bank (Thanks to Nepa and Snapchat) , Gum, powder and some other stuffs.


Accessories: whatever accessory that suits your outfit and you are comfortable in , I say comfortable because yesterday was my first time trying a choker and I was so uncomfortable sigh! How do you people that rock it so well cope? Maybe I should take lesson from one of you. Tonye and I are wearing our gorgeous earrings from Dee mako at the brunch and its one  my fav things right now. image

I completed  the look with a fedora which I’m totally in love with and I hope it gets to stay longer in the fashion world because I’m not ready to let it go o!

I loved working with Tonye and you can check and follow her blog here.

what do you think of the tips i have shared? Do you have any other idea? Your comments would be appreciated.

My top- Indigo boutique

skirt and clutch – a shop at yaba

shoes – New look

sunglasses- Jumia

Tonye’s look

Top And skirt- Maju

shoes and bag- Catena

Sunglasses- Asos



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