Hello 2016

I can’t believe 2015 is almost over and countdown to 2016. God has been so faithful to me and my family, I really don’t know how to thank him enough for all the wonderful things he has done.


I won’t easily forget this year because I grew in so many aspects, left my comfort zone, met amazing people and did stuffs I never believed I would ever do.


I’ll briefly discuss what I’m most grateful for in 2015.

  • God: I’m really grateful to God. Without him in my life, I wonder where I’ll be. He’s my everything and it amazes me how he showers his love and blessings on me. Whatever I have achieved and where I am is all glory to him.
  • Family: I think I have the most crazy plus amazing family. I couldn’t ask for a better Mum, sister and brother mehn! My first clients Lol. It’s so funny when my mum and sister has to seek for my approval before they can actually put on certain outfits. In their words ” If fashionista has not approved, we cannot go out o” Thank you for the love and support.


  • Owoade Oluwatobiloba Flu: I’ve never seen someone that is so supportive of what I do and encourages me to do better in life. I’m very sure God made NYSC post me to Ekiti state because of you fam. I remember I was very depressed and always complaining of how boring Ekiti was and how I regret not serving in Lagos  and Tobi messages me one day ” Thonia, you dress very good, you are creative and can write, why not start a fashion blog” I’m sorry but I didn’t really know what was expected of me as a fashion blogger and what a fashion blog should contain and that night he kept on sending me different links to read up to see what a fashion blog is like. I’ve never seen someone that makes you feel great about yourself and calls you a superstar everytime.

i might not say this everyday, Tobi you are amazing and I’m glad I met you , I wish everyone on earth has a wonderful friend like you in their lives. Thank you for always being there for me and for never getting tired of my plans, raking and long boring gists. Your future wife better be ready to cope with me because I’m not letting you go, Lol.

Tobi deals with personalized and customized items, you don’t want this to pass you, check the website here


  • My Job: Working for a bank is no joke because the stress is on another level and having to leave the mainland to the Island is not easy fam. I’m grateful because the job pays the bills and makes me look good lol. I’m praying for something bigger and less stressful in 2016
  • My Blog/ Baby: I’m so thankful for my blog and the way it’s growing and I know 2016 would be a better year for the blog and I hope to collaborate with more bloggers and partner with brands. I call it my baby because it’s one place I can express myself and let all out and I want to take this medium to say a very big thank you to all the consistent readers of the blog and those that have encouraged me not to give up on blogging ( Femi, Rosemary, Eghogho and my aunt Sandra) I love you so much!

i’m also grateful that I got to meet Amazing fashion bloggers this year and some of us are already building great relationships.

what are you grateful for in 2015? I’ll love to hear from you .

See you in 2016❤️

Dress: Indigo boutique

Bag: Shop at Yaba

Shoe: Forever 21

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