Made Of Black!

Hello darlings... Hope your week wasn't as stressful as mine?! It's finally the last day in January, Yes finally!! Dressed all black has never been something I have fancied or looked forward to because I think growing up in Nigeria, certain things stick to your mentality just like how we assume that people who are… Continue reading Made Of Black!


Tips To Consider When Wearing Heels.

Hey Lovers, How's your day going? These past weeks has been very crazy for me. Work stress has doubled and there has been no time at all to even take pictures for a style post. I decided why not write about "heels".Its funny how I really didn't like wearing heels right from university because I… Continue reading Tips To Consider When Wearing Heels.


NYSC: Revamp your white shorts X White shirt

Hello Darlings... I hope It's not too late to say happy new year!! I'm so happy we made it to 2016. I hope 2016  is already looking great for you all. Well mine hasn't been going as planned, My IPhone screen broke, I'm down with malaria , Work hasn't been easy at all . I'm… Continue reading NYSC: Revamp your white shorts X White shirt