NYSC: Revamp your white shorts X White shirt

Hello Darlings… I hope It’s not too late to say happy new year!! I’m so happy we made it to 2016. I hope 2016  is already looking great for you all. Well mine hasn’t been going as planned, My IPhone screen broke, I’m down with malaria , Work hasn’t been easy at all . I’m still grateful and hoping for better days.


NYSC inspired this look for me, I was home and started missing Ekiti ( I served in Ekiti), I guess I miss how very easy life was in that place and all I had to worry about was attend CDS, Go to my PPA, read a book , gist all day with my roomie and Ify.


I now have to deal with so many things like work, lagos traffic, balancing work and friendships , blogging and so many other things that I hope I can make work right.


If you were in my camp, you’ll know how much I cherished this white shorts Lol. The shorts is maybe the reason many of the guys in camp nick named me ( Nicki Minaj), You all were joking right?! I was sad after the three weeks because I knew I wasn’t going to wear the shorts again.


Thanks to the fashion blogger side of me, I re- styled the white shorts and white shirt in a new way and I guess it came out well.


I decided to wear a green Blazers over the white shirt and completed the look with a yellow purse and black heels. If only we were allowed to dress like this in camp (covers face).


I’ll definitely wear this to chill with my friends/ a girls night out.


I hope Everyone still serving and ex youth corpers have been inspired by this post to bring out the white shorts/ Tee and totally rock it!

I wish you all a stress-free and fruitful week.

Shorts- NYSC

Shirt- Lux

Shoes- forever 21

Blazers- Gift

Purse- momma

Sunglasses- Gift

Photography: Tonye Igbani

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