Tips To Consider When Wearing Heels.

Hey Lovers, How’s your day going? These past weeks has been very crazy for me. Work stress has doubled and there has been no time at all to even take pictures for a style post. I decided why not write about “heels”.Its funny how I really didn’t like wearing heels right from university because I place my comfort over everything. If the shoes like let it be the cutest shoes on earth I wouldn’t buy it then because I wasn’t ready for the pain.


Maybe  the fashion god wanted to show me that I was missing a lot by not owning cute heels, I got a job that somehow requires me to wear heels. I’ve now become one that walks to a shop and the first place I check for stuffs is the shoe section.


Models make walking in heels look like its very easy, the rest of us know that wearing heels can be a challenge Lol, from Walking in a straight line to balancing in the heels and the fact that you sometimes get blisters.

Well, heels surely aren’t for everyone, but for some of us who still want to rock those heels for the sake of  fashion, there are something’s that you can do to make wearing them a little easier.


I’ll be discussing some steps you can take to help wearing heels easy.

  • For beginners like me, going big means going early. I know  many fashionistas usually say “Go big or go home”. Trust me, this doesn’t apply to heels. If you have no experience, start by wearing platform shoes or wedges. Don’t be in a haste, your time for killer heels will come.
  • Learning how to stand: I noticed many women don’t how to stand when they wear heels. One tip is that you should always stand by keeping your feet parallel and equally distributing the weight. Also, consider the type of shoes you’re wearing because you have to adjust your walks according to your footwear.
  • Wearing socks is not as bad as they say. Well, I know socks may look somehow especially when you imagine yourself wearing it to work, however they are very useful to avoid blisters. If you’re not crazy about the socks look, atleast try wearing your new heels around the home with socks to stretch the leather out for a bit before hitting the streets.
  • There’s no shame in sitting down: If an opportunity comes to sit down and rest your feet please sit down. I do this at the office, when I feel like my legs are already hurting, I change to slippers or sandals. Biko it’s not a do or die affair lol.

I hope these steps would be of great help when wearing heels. Do you have more tips/ ideas? Please drop in the comment section.

Thank you for stopping by.

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