Made Of Black!

Hello darlings… Hope your week wasn’t as stressful as mine?! It’s finally the last day in January, Yes finally!!


Dressed all black has never been something I have fancied or looked forward to because I think growing up in Nigeria, certain things stick to your mentality just like how we assume that people who are dressed in an all black outfit are either sad or mourning. I remember when I was leaving the house dressed like this, my cousins asked me if everything was okay Lol.



I decided to go all black because I’ve come to realize that black is a very cool colour and it’s not stressful in the sense that it can be paired with any colour and you don’t have to go through the stress of looking for the perfect colour of shoes/ bag to match unlike other colours.



When people ask me what my style is, I just tell them whatever is “comfortable and unique”works for me. The shirt dress which by the way was a gift from my amazing aunt is a perfect example of my style. It’s very comfortable, easy to pull off and unique. It can be styled Whichever way you want and I’m sure nobody can go wrong in a shirt dress no matter the body type and height.



I decided not to be too “serious” and paired the shirt dress with a fedora hat ( I think I should start a fedora hat movement) A black purse and Oxford shoes. Who noticed how I rolled one sleeve and left the other down?!



I hope you like the look and I wish you an amazing February filled with plenty love and happiness.

what do you feel about being dressed in all black? Your comments would be appreciated.

Shirt dress-Gift

Bag- Indigo boutique

Oxford shoes: Indigo boutique

Fedora: Random shop.

Photography: Tonye Igbani

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10 thoughts on “Made Of Black!

  1. Black is kull and pairable with every oda colour. One funny thing about BLACK is, its the king of all colour cos its bring out the best in that colour. Really look good in that outfit dear.


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