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Thrift shopping: Looking Fly On A Dime.

Hello Darlingsss. I hope you have been doing great. So one of my new year resolution is to save! Save! Save this year, I repeated it thrice because I guess in Nollyhood movies to prove a point, they usually repeat the words thrice lol okay let me get serious. I'm very excited that other bloggers… Continue reading Thrift shopping: Looking Fly On A Dime.

Thonia's Thought

Accepting And Dealing With Insecurities.

Hello my Darlings...How did Valentine's day go? Please don't tell me it was boring or you just stayed at home doing nothing. Well, Mine was fine because I spent the day making myself happy and I did a lot of reading and Sleeping. Ermm Maybe next year there would  be a Bae Lol. So I've… Continue reading Accepting And Dealing With Insecurities.


Valentine’s Day Ideas For Singles.

Hello Darlingsss... How are you all doing?! I hope it's not too late to still wish you a happy new month (covers face). I'm so sorry I've been off the blog for a while now, I hope you have forgiven me. So Yaaay it's Valentine's Day in some days and I decided to do a… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Ideas For Singles.