Valentine’s Day Ideas For Singles.


Hello Darlingsss… How are you all doing?! I hope it’s not too late to still wish you a happy new month (covers face). I’m so sorry I’ve been off the blog for a while now, I hope you have forgiven me. So Yaaay it’s Valentine’s Day in some days and I decided to do a post for singles because I’m of the opinion that you don’t need to be in a relationship/ be married before you can have fun on the 14th of February. I won’t lie to you guys, I once believed that you can only celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are dating, in a relationship or married, little did I know that Valentine’s Day is all about showing and sharing love and it’s not dependent on your relationship status.


I hear a lot of people complain of being single and not having that special someone to share that day with. I know I might sound somehow if I say “Enjoy the single life”, but seriously enjoy this time alone because once you enter a relationship, things will be different and you won’t have as much time for yourself and your friends.


I have a feeling many single people  might be confused on what to do that day, so I would share some amazing fun ideas that would make you happy on Valentine’s Day. I’m very excited it’s on a Sunday so there’s plenty time to have fun from Friday after work till Sunday. Below are amazing ideas to have  fun on Valentine’s Day;


  • Appreciate yourself: since Valentine’s Day is all about showing and sharing love, spend the day loving every bit of yourself. Do whatever makes you happy, be it pampering yourself to a nice resturant or getting yourself that bag you’ve been dying to get for a while. You can also watch a full season of your favorite Tv show, Afterall you have no one to please but yourself.



  • Show love to someone else: Valentine’s Day is not supposed to be just about showing your partner love, You can show love to someone else. Give Vals day cards to those close to you like co- workers or friends. You can also use this day for voluntary work , for example go to the orphanage or old people’s home and show them plenty love , I really plan to do this on my birthday.


  • Chill with friends: Who needs a valentine when you have your friends? I wish I could say this though but most of my friends are in relationships and I doubt they would want to spend Valentine’s Day with me over the Bae Lol. In a case where by you and your friends are single, You can do something fun, Exchange gifts, Enjoy  a night out, Go for a boat ride . You can also try a karaoke bar and really when is karaoke anything but a good time?.


  • Organize a house party: If gift giving or going out doesn’t work out for you and your friends, throw a house party. I’m more of a house party person because I get to do crazy stuffs (It’s not what you think) because when you go out sometimes, there are certain things you might not be able to do like laugh out  loud and other things because you don’t want people to judge you and also based on the Nigerian slang “You would want to form”. But who cares what people say? Be yourself  and be happy!.


  • Figure out what you want in a relationship: Even if you don’t want to be in a relationship right now or don’t believe it would ever happen, Everyone, Including you can fall in love and it usually happens when we least expect it. Take time to write down a few love goals whether you want to remain single for some months or are open to whatever happens, clarity makes it easier to get there.


I hope with these few listed ideas, you’ll have fun on Valentine’s Day and be happy. Do you have more Valentine’s Day ideas for singles? Please share in the comment section. I wish you all a happy Valentine and remember to show love and be happy❤️

Dress: Indigo boutique

Shoe: New look

Purse: Mom

Glasses : Random store at yaba ( I removed the frames myself)

Photography: Alex of nappyhaired

Thank you so much for reading and you can follow me on Instagram @callmethonia and Twitter @callmethonia.





10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Ideas For Singles.

  1. I love your dress!! Lovely ideas for valentines day and I’m also a house party kind of person! Haha. Happy Valentines Day in advance ❤


  2. You don’t sound weird to me at all. I love my single life! I’ve escaped a relationship before just because I couldn’t give up the joys of being single. lol. Now, that red dress on you is amazing!


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