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Accepting And Dealing With Insecurities.


Hello my Darlings…How did Valentine’s day go? Please don’t tell me it was boring or you just stayed at home doing nothing. Well, Mine was fine because I spent the day making myself happy and I did a lot of reading and Sleeping. Ermm Maybe next year there would  be a Bae Lol.


So I’ve decided to start a new series on the blog tagged “Thonia’s Thoughts” where I’ll discuss life, relationships and issues generally. I’m still trying to figure out if the title is cool, but for now I guess “Thonia’s Thoughts” is fine but if you have any suggestions please let me know.Thank you in advance!


Everyone has that “battle” they are dealing with be it personal issues, family, financial issues, so many other things and its amazing that some people are handling theirs In a great way while some just let the battle be the life of them and take away all their happiness. I used to spend a lot of time worrying about how I looked and what people thought about me. I’ve never been a slim person and I was soo fine with it as a child , but with time weight issues started getting to me and I wanted to be a “slim girl” soooo bad.


I started using the unhealthy way to lose weight by starving myself or just drinking lime water because I couldn’t wait to leave the “ugly side” of life and be on the “Beautiful side”. I saw myself as ugly, incapable of doing great things because of my weight.Little did I know that your weight has nothing to do with success and no one has the right to call you ugly.



One way of dealing with insecurities is knowing that “Your thoughts create your reality”. This means that whichever  way you see yourself is how your life is going to be. If you spend all day thinking of how bad life is and how incapable you are of doing great things, you’ll find yourself being a negative and bitter person. Why would you want to be tagged as a bitter and sad person when happiness is free and so many amazing opportunities await you.


Another thing I have learnt is that the problem is not other people, The problem is us. Most of us depend solely on people’s opinions about us and if we don’t get that positive vibe from them, we automatically become depressed. I remember how very excited I was when a course mate would walk up to me and tell me the whole you have lost weight line, See! that person has made my day for that statement alone, but let me just walk pass a group of people and they Laugh I would automatically be depressed and assume they laughed because I looked fat and so many other negative thoughts would be in my head.

If we can start to accept who we are, We just may realize not only that it’s okay, But that most other people think it’s okay too.

I decided to wear a crop top and body con maxi skirt for this post because I would have definitely not worn it in the past year as I  tagged myself as fat and concluded that I wasn’t to be seen in certain clothes. I’m not where I want to be but I love my body, my life and my confidence level has increased and like Beyoncé would say I Slay!



The amazing thing about being confident in yourself and accepting and dealing with insecurities is that  people you have always wanted to be like would appreciate you. Almost everyday, people walk up to me and tell me how beautiful my body is and some even wish they were like me Lol.

I hope this post would help anyone who is dealing with body issues or whatever battle you are fighting. Just know you are stronger than you realize and you are LIGHT. If I can do it, you can too.

Thank  you so much for reading and if you have more suggestions on how to deal with insecurities, please drop in the comment section.

crop top- Gift

skirt- Indigo boutique

Heels and bag- Indigo boutique

glasses- Jumia

photography- Dele Lawal



11 thoughts on “Accepting And Dealing With Insecurities.

  1. I’m skinny but give me some of those hot curves and I’d be a happy bunny! See, the skinny ones are not satisfied either. You are beautiful and some would die to have a body like yours so dust the negativity off and Keep Slaying.


  2. I really love this post, it’s just sooo…hmmm… Let me say unique kinda way. Nice work though.. Lol.. Don’t mind me.


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