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Thrift shopping: Looking Fly On A Dime.


Hello Darlingsss. I hope you have been doing great. So one of my new year resolution is to save! Save! Save this year, I repeated it thrice because I guess in Nollyhood movies to prove a point, they usually repeat the words thrice lol okay let me get serious. I’m very excited that other bloggers are also talking about the importance of saving as I have read great posts on their blogs.


Asides from the fact that you get unique pieces, Thrift shopping is really affordable and helps to save a lot. I recently went thrift shopping and I found this very cute  top which I’m still confused whether I can call it an off shoulder top and also got a boyfriend jeans. The jeans didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, but I totally love!


I have also noticed that thrift shopping brings out the creativity in you. I won’t lie to you most times I get bored shopping at stores because all the items are already laid out and clearly labelled. But there’s that feel that comes with thrift shopping, it makes you dig through the racks till you find that dress or top you have always wanted. It reminds me of the popular Tv show “Gulder ultimate search” where at the finals the finalists would search for the treasure if they wanted to be crowned winner.



Have you ever spent so much on a dress you bought at a boutique and few days later you see someone walk pass you wearing the same dress? Well I guess it has happened to almost all of us and that’s why thrift shopping should be considered because that’s where you would come across clothes that are no longer in vogue or a shirt that was made in the 80’s and are no longer in production.



Where are my vintage lovers? It’s when you go thrift shopping that you would find all the vintage pieces you have been craving to have. I’m really not a vintage person but I admire people when I see them wear the pieces.


I hope this post has been helpful and would encourage you to please save because the importance of saving cannot be underemphasized. That’s not to say that once in a while you can’t splurge on a shoe or bag you have been dying to have.

What are your views on thrift shopping? Are you on the team save more spend less? Your comments would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

top and jeans: thrifted

shoe: New look

Photograhy: Dele Lawal.

14 thoughts on “Thrift shopping: Looking Fly On A Dime.

  1. I consider myself a guru in thrift shopping because I even shop for people too! Lol. But seriously, thrifting is underrated in Nigeria especially when people don’t want to openly say they are wearing a ‘second-hand’ outfit but honestly, if there is anyway to stand out in a unique piece (if you are not buying all the exclusive designer pieces) I think thrifting is the way to go. I think I’d do a post on it too, thanks for the inspiration and girl you look awesome!


    1. Like I don’t get it too, people judging others for wearing clothes that are thrifted. Yaaay I’m glad you are inspired and I can’t wait to read your own post on it.


  2. Thrift shopping is the way forward. Apart from the fact that you get to save money, you are also at the advantage of wearing unique pieces that are not seen everywhere.The part I love must is buying so much clothes with little money which I think it helps in the blogging world. You don’t have to worry about what to wear in the next blog post. And it also help in giving the viewers something different frequently.
    By the way, first time here🙌🙅. Totally love all your post. Wish I can drop comments in all😳 .


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