Shirt Dress Shakara

Hello Lovers... How was the Easter celebration? Hope you had fun Because I did and can say this was one of the best Easter holidays. I went to the mall and it was a lot of fun despite the crazy crowd.  Who noticed how I struggled for the title for this post? I didn't know… Continue reading Shirt Dress Shakara

Life matters

Life Lately

Hello Darlings. I hope you loved the Ankara maxi skirt post? If you missed it please read Here. Who else is excited that Easter is tomorrow? I'm Very excited because I get to eat plenty food and stay at home and guess what? My favorite aunt is around for Easter.So,  I came across a post on… Continue reading Life Lately


Titi Belo X Thonia

Hello Darlings. How was your week? Hope it wasn't stressful and hope you're fully ready for the new week. I'm so excited for this post because Oh well! Who wouldn't be excited wearing an outfit from an amazing designer like Titi Belo. I won the outfit from the bloggers brunch I attended last year and… Continue reading Titi Belo X Thonia

Thonia's Thought

Genuine Happiness: Are You Really Happy?

Hello Darlings....Happy new month, Mehn 2016 is quite fast and I don't know if I'm excited about it or worried because I've not met most of my goals for the year but I'm  still hoping I meet all of it. The month of March came with excitement and happiness and I'm really suprised because it's… Continue reading Genuine Happiness: Are You Really Happy?