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Genuine Happiness: Are You Really Happy?


Hello Darlings….Happy new month, Mehn 2016 is quite fast and I don’t know if I’m excited about it or worried because I’ve not met most of my goals for the year but I’m  still hoping I meet all of it. The month of March came with excitement and happiness and I’m really suprised because it’s not even my birthday month Lol so I don’t know where that positive energy came from but anyways I’m loving the month!! Excitement made me take pictures at work, see my ID card (covers face).


I want to really appreciate everyone for taking time to always read the blog because the views and feedback is amazingggg and I really love you guys and hope to bring better contents to the blog. Amen somebody Lol.So I’m sharing another post on the new series I just started tagged “Thonia’s Thoughts”, if you missed the first post, read here.


When this topic popped in my head, I wanted to overlook it because genuine happiness is a very deep topic and I thought to myself am I really ready to talk about happiness because I won’t lie to you guys, I’m still finding myself and ways to create my happiness. I know happiness is free and everyone is meant to be happy, trust me many people fake happiness and are really depressed. I think the best way to talk about something is when you have been there and know how it feels. I have been there and know how faking happiness can be, you really don’t want to go there. It’s a very sad place.


I don’t want to define happiness using any dictionary or Google terms because no matter how we explain using this terms, it’s up to us to decide if we want to be happy or not. We know when we are happy and know when the happiness is being faked because of society or for whatever reason. A lot of us seek happiness in people and things and once those people leave us, we become broken and depressed. I remember in my Univeristy I was unhappy and depressed for no reason,  I would just not want to talk to any of my friends and didn’t see excitement about anything in life, This affected my friendships and nobody wanted to be my friend and I totally agree with my friends then for not wanting to associate with me because really who wants to be friends with a bitter person that never laughs. Like being unhappy wasn’t enough, I added boredom because I didn’t have friends. Boredom was too much of a burden to me so I was forced to fake happiness and smile everytime when I see people so that atleast I could have friends to talk to and hang out with.


This attitude continued till like my final year when I decided I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. I wanted to be happy, I wanted it to be real. See, happiness is deeper than what we think and I would just briefly discuss few things that have helped me fight unhappiness and depression.

  • Prayer: The effectiveness of prayer cannot be underemphasized. He listens to you and is willing to help. I wasn’t one that would be comfortable telling people that I was unhappy.  because I was scared they would judge me, so I prayed to that supreme being that would never judge or laugh at you. Prayer helps and if you are in this situation, this should be your first point of contact.
  • Books/ Movies: Reading good motivational books help in a great way. Great authors have also being in situations like this and when they overcome that phase, they share great tips in their books. A lot of people say movies help too, so  take time to see a great movie or read a good book to help.
  • You: Yes you! You have the right to be happy and know how to handle situations. Talk to yourself, speak positive words to yourself and be your own cheerleader when there’s no one to cheer you.
  • Family and Friends: I’m not very comfortable talking to people about how I feel and I guess this has been one of the reasons I don’t have a bestfriend or lot of friends. It’s not intentional but I guess some of us are just like that. But if talking to your mum, siblings or friends would help you feel better, then do it please. I read a book where they talked about the importance of having someone to talk to. I’m trying this and I hope it turns out to be great.

I hope this post would help you in a great way.

Do you have more ways to help with finding genuine happiness? Please share in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

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5 thoughts on “Genuine Happiness: Are You Really Happy?

  1. Very valid points, and I will also add that to shake off depression, what helps for me is to break my current routine. For example to pursue a new hobby or take long walks and journal, or take a language or dance class, etc. There’s just something about exploring new challenges that is so rejuvenating.
    Have a nice day gorgeous!


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