Titi Belo X Thonia


Hello Darlings. How was your week? Hope it wasn’t stressful and hope you’re fully ready for the new week. I’m so excited for this post because Oh well! Who wouldn’t be excited wearing an outfit from an amazing designer like Titi Belo. I won the outfit from the bloggers brunch I attended last year and I did a post on the brunch but if you missed it, you can read Here


The day I went to Titi’s place for fitting it was crazzzzy in the sense that everything fit perfectly without her adjusting anything and I was amazed because I sent my measurement via text message. I think I’m really losing weight because the day I Took this pictures, the trouser was falling and the crop top didn’t fit too well and I was just sad. Sigh! Anyways, I still love and I hope you love too.


I would mention a few things I Love about the outfit and whatever I say is genuine and I wasn’t paid to do this.


Comfort: This outfit is very very comfortable and I’ve mentioned how comfort comes before any other thing when i want to choose an outfit. You literally can sleep in this outfit and not be bothered because it’s very comfortable.


Suitable for all body types: I really love this outfit for the fact that any body type can fit perfectly in it. I remember when I went for the fitting and Titi mentioned to me that she didn’t want anyone to be left out despite their size. Do you know that many girls avoid wearing crop tops because they don’t have Agbani Darego’s flat tummy lol. Well, this is for you because whether you have a flat tummy or not, this crop top would help you.


Unique: I love that the color of the outfit is Khaki. I’ve never owned any khaki clothe well asides from NYSC and I totally love this. I should really get more khaki outfit. Asides the colour, the design of the crop top and trouser is very unique too.


There are more things I love about this outfit but if I continue , this post wouldn’t end. To add to the above listed, it’s suitable for weddings, birthday parties, hang out with friends and a lot more.


I don’t know if it’s the right time to spill, but I’m working on something and I really pray it works out and everyone loves it.

How would you have styled this outfit? Any thoughts about the outfit?If you want the exact outfit or any outfit from Titi’s collection, you can follow her on Instagram @TitiBelo_ or call her on 07055342531.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great week.

Oufit: Titi Belo

shoe: Gift

photography: Dele Lawal


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