Ankara Maxi Skirt


Hello Darlings…let me start the post by apologizing for not posting for a while now. I won’t blame work or anything, I’ll take all the blame and I hope you forgive me.



Is it just me or are maxi skirts super cool? Easy to style, suits all body types and it’s very chic. I decided to sew a maxi skirt with the beautiful Ankara fabric and I really love. I love how it’s very comfortable and how it instantly lengthen the figure especially for “shorties” like myself.


I decided to pair my Ankara maxi skirt with an ash sleeveless top that was a gift from my aunt and I decided to wear a turban on my head to potray the true African that I am. When I showed my mum the pictures from the shoot she’s like you look like “Mama Africa” what does that even mean? I hope its a good thing Lol.


The importance of maxi skirts cannot be underemphasized and I advice everyone gets a maxi skirt and trust me you won’t regret it. If you love mine and would love to get yours please let me know in the comment section. I intend to still style mine in different ways and I’ll be sure to share.


Guess what guys? I’m so excited because the blog Is now on Twitter and it promises to be fun. Please follow @Thoniabankzblog, Thank you in advance.

What are your views on maxi skirts? How would you have paired it? Please I would love to read your comments. Have a wonderful Easter!


Turban- Mom

Skirt- Custom made

Pictures- Dele Lawal




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