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Hello Darlings. I hope you loved the Ankara maxi skirt post? If you missed it please read Here. Who else is excited that Easter is tomorrow? I’m Very excited because I get to eat plenty food and stay at home and guess what? My favorite aunt is around for Easter.So,  I came across a post on Ifeoma’s blog and I totally related and loved the post, I even asked for her permission to do a post like that on my blog and yes she agreed. It’s not everytime that there would be a style post, sometimes get to know me na . I don’t want to completely be a copycat and so I’ll tag mine “Life Lately”. I hope you really love. Let’s get started.


  • Wearing: I’m currently wearing a white shirt, shorts and Nike sneakers as I publish this post because I’m going to jog. It’s been months since I actually jogged and did excercise and that’s because of work and so many reasons but I intend to be fit and join the fifam again.
  • Admiring: I’m admiring many Nigerian fashion bloggers for their zeal and the effort they put in writing posts for their blogs despite the fact that many of us don’t get paid to do what we are doing. Keep up the good work and I know with time everything will work out fine.
  • Feeling: I won’t say I’m over happy like I was when it was the beginning of the month, I’m not sad either. I’m just in the middle with mood swings creeping in sometimes.
  • Craving: It’s funny that I literally crave pizza everytime now because I won’t lie to you, I never fancied pizza till someone promised me that I’ll love Debonairs pizza and I did. So I’m craving Debonairs pizza and coldstone icecream (Covers face).
  • Anticipating: i’m getting a new baby (Laptop) next week and I’m excited about it because I’m tired of posting and doing other important Stuffs with my phone.
  • Unsure About: I’m unsure about where my relationship with one of my favorite person in the world is heading to. We argue almost everytime and everything has not just been the same. How do you even feel not seeing  your bestfriend close to 6 months and you stay in the same city. I’ve tried my best to make it work out but now I hope he realizes that you make time and be there for people you claim you care about despite how crazy work can be. I don’t know what will happen if we eventually part ways, I guess I would be very sad.
  • Planning: There are so many life plans and plans for the blog. Life plans I intend to be happy and be very helpful to people. Blog plans Ermm I intend to get a domain name and so many other things I want to keep as a Suprise as I hope you love.
  • Wishing: I wish I could travel to a very beautiful place that’s peaceful, drama free and creates an atmosphere for me to read books and write but work won’t even let me.sigh
  • Inspired By: Lately I’ve been inspired by so many people and things. They are so many that if I start mentioning, We might end up sleeping here lol.
  • Listening to: After watching an amazing and mind blowing performance on “The voice”where a 18 year old boy sang “Jealous” by Labrinth, The song has been on replay for daysss. I know it’s a sad song but it keeps me in a good mood .

I hope you enjoyed reading as I enjoyed sharing with you. Will you love to read more “Life lately” posts? Please your comments would be appreciated.

Happy Easter and please follow the blog on Twitter @Thoniabankblog. Gracias.

9 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Totally craving pizza too. I guess we all love Ifeoma’s Currently I Am Tag.
    I also wrote one too and I’ll definitely keep writing them. Great post 👍


    1. Awww why??? You are missing please.I was once like you as i said in the post but mehn one pizza from a good place changed my mind Lol.I’m so glad you love the post.Thanks for reading


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