Shirt Dress Shakara


Hello Lovers… How was the Easter celebration? Hope you had fun Because I did and can say this was one of the best Easter holidays. I went to the mall and it was a lot of fun despite the crazy crowd.  Who noticed how I struggled for the title for this post? I didn’t know what to name the post and just went with the flow because during this shoot many people kept on staring like I was doing something out of normal and Dele  my photographer kept on telling me to do “shakara” and bring out the best pose in me Lol. Some of my international readers might not know what shakara means so let me try and explain in the simplest way ” shakara simply means being carefree, doing your own thing without being bothered by what anyone says”. I hope I’ve helped in some way.



Shirt dresses are my favourite thing right because of how they are super comfortable and easy to pair with other pieces. This particular shirt dress was a gift from my Aunty and when I saw it I immediatly fell in love with it and couldn’t wait to wear it.



I decided not to wear the shirt dress the regular way I’m supposed to, so I tied the shirt and created a bow at the back and making the front look like a crop top. I paired it with a frayed hem jeans that I’m still kind of sad that it didn’t really come out like I wanted it to but anyways I guess we can catch a little glimpse of it sha.



I really hope shirt dresses are here to stay and I’m definitely going to wear this shirt dress over and over again.



What are your thoughts on shirt dresses? Your comments would be appreciated and please follow the blog for updates on new posts and also follow all our social media handles for first hand updates. Gracias.

shirt dress- gift

jeans- thrifted

shoes- forever 21

purse- gift

Have a lovely day and may the remaining days of the week be fruitful.


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