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5 Go To Items That Can Refresh Your Wardrobe

Hello my Darlings.. Happy new month!! Is it that we have all grown up and don’t fancy playing pranks on people April 1st? I was expecting so many people to pull pranks in my office and I was even prepared for any one but I got to the office and everyone was serious as usual. I really miss my secondary school days when we would prank eachother and teachers and it would be soo much fun. Guess we  have so many issues to deal with  now.

We all have days where we would search our wardrobe and don’t seem to find anything to throw on despite the fact that the wardrobe is filled with so many clothes. This has been one of my major issues and this has made me cancel so many outings because when I look at the wardrobe, I get so confused and complain that i don’t have what to wear and decide to just stay at home. I’ve learnt overtime that what you need is to refresh your wardrobe with important items that would help you when you are confused on what to wear.


I’ll be sharing 5 go to items that would help refresh your wardrobe below;

A jacket: I’ve never seen a jacket go wrong on any outfit. Jacket saves and can give a simple look a sophisticated look. I really love jackets especially when going to work and you have just a shirt and skirt to wear and don’t feel you look serious enough, just pair it with a jacket and you are good to go. I wore a jacket in my NYSC post Here and it totally transformed the NYSC look.


A Tee shirt and jeans: This is my go to on days I want to chill with friends or go for meetings and I don’t want to over dress like Nigrians would say. Tee shirts and jeans are very comfortable and you know I’m for anything that makes me comfortable. I paired a white ripped jeans and T shirt and I totally love.


Denim: The importance of owning denim be it a jacket, jeans or dress cannot be over emphasized. I really love anything denim and it’s one trend I don’t see leaving anytime soon. I recently got this denim dress as a gift and I’ve still not gotten over how cute it is. I wore it to Apapa amusement park and I guess I looked cute in it.


Scarf: This is one great accessory people ignore. It’s a very good one and can be tied around the neck or loop it through your belt hole or even knot it on your bag to brighten your look. I’ve never tried the whole scarf look but seeing how beautiful it looks on people have made me think of actually trying the look very soon. Below is a picture of  princes Audu rocking the scarf look.


Handbags: I really love handbags and I guess maybe because i’m shy and it kind of gives me confidence when I walk and the fact that a very  cute bag can transform an ordinary look to become chic.


I hope the above listed items would help give you ideas when you are confused on what to wear. Do you have more ideas? Please share in the comment section.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to please follow on all socials networks.



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