The Diary Of A Lazy Naturalista (The Beginning)

Hellooo Darlings, How are you all doing? I cant be the only one that is excited for the weekend plus the holiday on Monday, That's enough time for me to rest and catch up on   Telemundo .I've missed so many episodes because most of the time I would still be at work or be in traffic… Continue reading The Diary Of A Lazy Naturalista (The Beginning)


Styling My Mum’s Blouse

Hello darlings... how's your week going? Hope it's not too stressful and you're having fun at home, school or work. My week has been going well and I hope it ends in a beautiful way. I'm really excited about this post because I'm in my mums blouse Whoop Whoop!! I've always wanted to style a… Continue reading Styling My Mum’s Blouse

Thonia's Thought

Why Do People Get Married?

Hello my Darlings...I hope your week was great? Well, mine was okay but I was disappointed that NLC didn't stick to the plan of going on strike because I really wanted to sleep and rest all week. I'm excited sharing a new post on ''Thonia's thought", I know  many of you are surprised I'm discussing the topic… Continue reading Why Do People Get Married?


Off-Shoulder Top X Ankara Pants

Hello my darlingsss, How are you all doing? Long time no outfit/ lifestyle post. I'm sooo sorry for the inconsistency, I've been  battling with a lot of things from work, No photographer, My store which I recently started (Yea your girl owns a store now yaaaay!!) and finally I wont lie to you guys I… Continue reading Off-Shoulder Top X Ankara Pants