Off-Shoulder Top X Ankara Pants


Hello my darlingsss, How are you all doing? Long time no outfit/ lifestyle post. I’m sooo sorry for the inconsistency, I’ve been  battling with a lot of things from work, No photographer, My store which I recently started (Yea your girl owns a store now yaaaay!!) and finally I wont lie to you guys I also battled with no motivation to blog or even look for an outfit to wear.



I don’t think my love for off shoulder tops or dresses would ever diminish even if it ever goes out of style, I’m sure I’ll still be here slaying in my off shoulder. I like the fact that it makes you look so chic and sophisticated. I decided to pair this red off shoulder top which I’ve worn for a style post before as seen here with an Ankara pant that was designed by me. I really love the fact that I’m trying a lot of things because really if you never try, You’ll never know if you’ll do great in a particular thing.



I love the fact that the Ankara fabric can be paired with any outfit and still look so good. Its uniqueness and beauty is what I love the more and I’m glad that even celebrities in diaspora have realized this and have been seen wearing the Ankara fabric on so many occasions.



I have a little advice for bloggers and well everyone who at a point in their lives  are struggling with motivation, Please take your time and don’t let it get to you.Yes, there were days I was so pissed at myself and I would check my blog and be depressed but I decided that this was a phase and it would pass. So if you ever find yourself in this similar situation, give yourself a break and take this time to reflect on life and watch how strong your comeback would be.



what are your thoughts on the Off shoulder trend? Would you still rock it even if it goes out of style? Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you so much for the constant love and for stopping by.

P.S I’ll look so great being a brand ambassador for LG (covers face)

Top: Indigo boutique

Ankara Pants: custom made by me

Shoes: Forever 21

Glasses: Jumia


Have a great week. XOXO TBankz.



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