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Why Do People Get Married?


Hello my Darlings…I hope your week was great? Well, mine was okay but I was disappointed that NLC didn’t stick to the plan of going on strike because I really wanted to sleep and rest all week. I’m excited sharing a new post on ”Thonia’s thought”, I know  many of you are surprised I’m discussing the topic marriage on the blog, Well This topic has been on my mind for a long time and I definitely couldn’t resist not sharing on the blog.

I keep asking myself why do people get married? Is it for companionship, Money, to show off  on social media, to avoid being laughed at as soon as they clock 25 or the fear of being tagged the single lonely girl? I have asked myself all these questions because the rate at which couples divorce after spending so much on the wedding and pre- wedding shoots  is alarming.


Why do I want to get married? I’ve never really asked myself this question maybe because I’ve not found the one I want to spend the rest of my life with but I think I would get married when I find the one that loves and accepts me for who I am, The one that would laugh at my very dry jokes and most importantly the one that is willing to support me in whatever I decide to do. He should be ready to still love me after realizing that I get very excited when I see pizza or hear my favorite song come up on TV or the radio and I sometimes even scream and sing along not minding that I have a very horrible voice Lol. I can really go on and on about why I want to get married.


I think the world would be a better place and the rate of divorce would be highly reduced if women are not judged for not getting married because really one shouldn’t be defined by their relationship status.  The fact that people bash single women on social media for airing their views on certain topics is quite  disturbing and is the cause of people staying in failed marriages.

I wore this yellow off- shoulder dress that I totally love to my friends wedding last week Saturday and I’m very excited to see my friends become amazing women and soon they would be amazing mothers too.

I pray we get married to the one that we would spend the rest of our lives with and be filled with happiness and that the world doesn’t see marriage as a criteria for greatness.

Why  do you want to get married? What are your views on marriages? Your comments would be appreciated.

Dress: Custom made

Make up: Joy of  @Glitters_look on instagram

Have a great weekend. XOXO TBankz

8 thoughts on “Why Do People Get Married?

  1. Marriage is a beautiful institution especially when it’s shared with someone who totally gets you and someone who is your own idea of ‘perfect’. Personally I haven’t really given much thought to it, but I pray everyday for it to be with the one God chooses for me.
    Nice post👍


  2. I want to get married , cos (1) marriage is an institution and the head of the institution is God. I have and will always love to be in God’s institution. Romans 8 v 14 says for as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God. It is only the sons of God that will see marriage as God ordinance. (2) I want to be married cos I need to fulfill Gods purpose and the ministry he has given me. Many of us don’t know that we all have a ministry,we think its only when you are call pastor or pastor mrs, No. And before we can fulfill the ministry, you need to be a whole being, cos if you are single you are not complet, Gen 2 v 18 to end. From a man God made you, so you need to make the man whole, and there are some things you both need to fulfill together. When you get to understand what God says about a woman in prov 31 v 10 to end you will be happy to become a wife. And lot more .


  3. the first thing u should now about marriage :
    it happened for a man and a woman who had happy independently;
    so they would UNIFY theirs; share their happiness each other.
    so there’d be a lot of happines to their life as a new ONE family; as a couple of husband and wife. Having children; grow them up with love to the Life;
    share happiness to the world; not suck others happiness for the sake of ego.


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