Styling My Mum’s Blouse


Hello darlings… how’s your week going? Hope it’s not too stressful and you’re having fun at home, school or work. My week has been going well and I hope it ends in a beautiful way. I’m really excited about this post because I’m in my mums blouse Whoop Whoop!! I’ve always wanted to style a piece from her wardrobe since I was a babygirl and the perfect opportunity came this weekend when she was clearing her wardrobe and this blouse attracted me so I asked her if I could style the blouse for a blog post. My Mum smiled and told me I could have it but that I must return it (Covers face). Let’s take time to appreciate mothers that are supportive in whatever we do. We love you!


The blouse is a complete set of blouse and wrapper popularly known in yoruba as ” Iro and Buba” but I didn’t need the wrapper so I took only the blouse. I knew I wanted to pair it with my light blue jeans but I wasn’t sure it was going to fit well  until I tried it and I love the outcome.



Am I the only one that think belts are amazing? They are amazing because they can make a simple outfit look very chic and they come very handy on days when you plan on wearing pieces that are bigger than you. My mum’s blouse isn’t my size, so I had to use a belt over the blouse to shapen the blouse and give it a redefining look.


I’ll rock this look to a red carpet event or a fashion show. Life is too boring for predictable pieces and what makes a fashion blogger is the ability to take risks in fashion and still slay.


what are your thoughts on the outfit? How would you have paired your mum’s blouse? Please drop your comments in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading and have and have a beautiful day.

Blouse- Mum

Jeans- Trifted

shoes- Indigo

Belt- Trifted

10 thoughts on “Styling My Mum’s Blouse

  1. I’m soo going to rock this look soon.

    I’m in need of court shoes though, can you recommend an online store(probably where you get yours). And then your Jeans are the bomb. I waaannttt. 😀


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