The Diary Of A Lazy Naturalista (The Beginning)

Hellooo Darlings, How are you all doing? I cant be the only one that is excited for the weekend plus the holiday on Monday, That’s enough time for me to rest and catch up on   Telemundo .I’ve missed so many episodes because most of the time I would still be at work or be in traffic when its showing (Thanks to my sister I’m getting addicted to telemundo)

I’m  very bad at making certain decisions like what hair to make next, what do with my nails and other girly stuffs, It amazes me because I’m so not a tomboy but when it comes to making certain girly decisions, I’m always over confused. I remember after I completed my NYSC in July 2015, I wasn’t sure I was going to get a job that year because of the so many stories I heard about the labour market being hard and how people have waited 7 years after NYSC and were still unemployed. I wasn’t sure I was ready to deal with my unemployed status and the fact that I had to change my hairstyle at least every two weeks because I was certain the little I saved from my monthly Allawee was definitely going to finish  after some months.


One amazing day in August I think on the 27th, I walked to a barber’s shop and told him I wanted to cut my hair. I really didn’t plan to do so because people tell me when I  tease them that I want to cut my hair that ah Thonia it won’t fit you oh, You are not tall and so you probably would look funny. So while at the Barber’s I was scared considering all what people have told me and didn’t want to be the one that would be laughed at while walking pass a group of people.

I was so excited that it came out fine and I didn’t look horrible as people would have thought.When I got home everyone was in shock and I uploaded the picture on my BBM and the messages I kept getting was “You want to grow natural hair right” and because I was confused as usual, I answered yes!

Its been 9 months growing natural hair and I would admit I’m a lazy naturalista, I’ve never applied any natural hair product or even taken time to treat the hair. All I do is wash the hair with normal conditioner and fix a weavon or braid from time to time. I feel my hair has not grown and is not healthy at all due to this fact and really its not intentional but I find myself not having time for the hair and not using the necessary products. I get feedback from fellow naturalistas who still tell me my hair is growing despite not applying any product but that I should find time and see what works for my hair.

I feel its  time to be serious with my hair and so I approached a fellow naturalista Lanre  who  has grown her hair for a year and some months and she has written different hair products I can try for my hair and tips on maintaining the hair. I would find time to go to a store and get the products and have a healthy hair.

I’ll be sure to share with you my journey and even from time to time review the few products I would apply on my hair. Are you a lazy naturalista like me, What have you been doing to maintain your hair?

Do you have any hair tips that would be very useful for my hair? Please share in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading and Happy Democracy Day.

Eyeliner- zaron

Earrings- @Thoniabankzstore

Lippie- zaron

Wrist watch-gift




3 thoughts on “The Diary Of A Lazy Naturalista (The Beginning)

  1. Wow I love this post, I cannot deal with being unemployed, I’m going to NYSC camp next month if Buhari does his job lol. And seriously after NYSC I have to get a job like fast. I’m a newbie natural too, though I still hide it under protective styles. I’m loving the texture, I keep tugging at my hair every moment like wow so this is my real hair…..death to relaxers. Have a great week T

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    1. You would definitely get a job after NYSC babe by his grace. Please have fun in camp when you go o. I miss camp everyday lol. And you should totally leave the hair out na let us see the natural hair Jor . Thank you for reading love . I appreciate . Have a great week too darling


  2. Also a lazy naturalista like you but been doing a lot of reading recently . read vitamins are extremely good in growing natural hair, I’ve been taking some vitamins for some weeks now I hope it works.


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