Life matters

Life Lately

Hello my darlings, How was your week? I hope it was great. Its been long I actually did a life lately post and so I decided to post one today because I really love when  I get to talk about how I'm feeling, What I'm  planning and basically everything on my mind. Before I go into… Continue reading Life Lately


Liebster Award-I Got Nominated!!

Hello Darlings, How are you guys doing? I'm great and excited because things have been going on pretty well with me and I sorted an issue that has been bothering me for months. So I got nominated for the Liebster awards by my darling Dami of Yaaaayy!! Thank you so much Dami for considering… Continue reading Liebster Award-I Got Nominated!!


Ankara Co-Ord Set

Hello my darlings, I hope you are doing great and your week went well. My week  was good, Although I was down with cold all through the week. I'm really excited about this post because asides the fact that I'm wearing an amazing Nigerian designer Flodeeco's piece, I took the pictures on a ship! Yes a… Continue reading Ankara Co-Ord Set


My Bucket List: 10 Things Before 2017.

Hello Darlings, I hope its okay for me to still wish you Happy New Month!!!.Its amazing that the year is almost coming to an end. I'm excited that its just 6 months left and also that my birth month Is just few weeks ahead, Where are all my July babies at? So I'll be 23… Continue reading My Bucket List: 10 Things Before 2017.