My Bucket List: 10 Things Before 2017.


Hello Darlings, I hope its okay for me to still wish you Happy New Month!!!.Its amazing that the year is almost coming to an end. I’m excited that its just 6 months left and also that my birth month Is just few weeks ahead, Where are all my July babies at? So I’ll be 23 on the 8th of July (Better save the date and my gifts) and really I had written ideas in my note pad stating 10 things I was going to do before I clocked 23, but I realized when I checked my notepad that I have not even ticked anything off the list (Deep sigh!). I actually never give up on anything I set my mind to and so I thought to myself, why not extend the bucket list till the end of 2016 and share on the blog because yes its not news that sharing on the blog actually motivates me to do a lot of things because I would never want to disappoint you and myself.

Below are 10 things on my bucket list before the year ends;

  1. Go on a trip: There are so many beautiful places in Nigeria and other countries that I want to visit. Places like Calabar, bauchi, Ghana, Dubai, Zanzibar and so many other places. Even if I don’t get to go outside Nigeria because of the way the economy is now, I bet I would visit the places in Nigeria.
  2. Climb a very tall building or do any activity that would help conquer my phobia for height.
  3. Learn how to drive: Its funny that what’s on the top of my prayer request is to buy a G wagon (somebody say Amen). I think maybe why it has not even arrived is because I cannot drive Lol. So I’m going to enrol in a driving school even If its only weekends because of work and learn how to drive.
  4. Take my mum shopping: I’m very excited about this one because its going to be super cool having your mum pick out anything she wants and you paying for it all. I know I’m daughter goals.
  5. Be in the front row of a concert or show: Is this weird? I have never attended any concert or show because I really don’t want to be involved with all the hustle that comes with sitting in the regular section and I don’t have the money for the VIP or VVIP seats. Hopefully before the year ends, I get to afford it and see my favourite artist perform on stage. Wizkid wouldn’t be bad for a start (Winks) .
  6. Learn something new: This can either be a language, or about a country or people or anything that is very interesting and would expand my knowledge.
  7. Leave my comfort zone and do something fun: My mum and my friends have told me on so many occasions that I’m the oldest 22 years old they know because I tend to take things too serious and not have fun. I hardly go out even though I work on the Island where all the coolest places are, My  routine basically is work, home, Tv, Blog, sleep and repeat. The days I go out, I don’t even get to explore the place and have fun. I would try to do something fun, maybe a night out with my friends or something else.
  8. Take “Thoniabankz” as a brand to a new level: What this actually means is that I want to work more on making my store thoniabankzstore and my blog better. Work with brands, collaborate with bloggers and be a source of inspiration to so many people. Please show my store love on instagram by following @thoniabankzstore.New amazing stuffs would be available soon and you don’t want to miss it.
  9. Go to the beach and ride a horse: I remember how my little cousins laughed at me the last time we went to the beach because I was so scared to ride the horse. I hope the next time I go to the beach, I would actually ride the horse and trust me they would be the first people I would send the pictures to.
  10. Do something nice for someone or people: Be it taking a day off to be with the children at the orphanage or spending time  at the old peoples home or even doing something nice for my friends to make them happy. Theres nothing greater than making someone smile or happy.

What are the things on your bucket list you hope to tick off before 2017? Please share with me in the comment section, I’ll love to know.

Thank you for reading and have a great week.


19 thoughts on “My Bucket List: 10 Things Before 2017.

  1. When you decide to visit Calabar, please remember I’m here and don’t forget to holla so we could hook up. And for the number 10, I could help you fulfill it, making me happy is very easy😂😂😂. Good luck fulfilling your bucket list


    1. Ah I totally forgot you stayed at Calabar. I’ll definitely Holla when I come. Big man like you is looking for help. Instead of you to be the one helping people


    1. Thanks so much for readinf Steph. Did I tell you have been stalking and loving your blog? I guess you saw my comment. Yes you should totally explore the UK too and share wonderful pictures too


  2. I always have a list of something to do, but always something gets in and stops me. Sometime when we declare things like how u did, it will inspire you to finish it because the tot will be there like” better do it before someone mocks u and says: you still haven’t get that done?”
    Thank you. great article it is. Very inspiring too. (opening my notes to list my mine wishes) 😀


  3. nice one dear… This got me inspired to finally start working towards fulfiing the items on my own bucket list…


  4. It’s really nice dear….may God bless the works of it hands and may God grant u grace to fulfill ur destiny


  5. I also have a few I will love to do like learning how to drive, a lovely vacation and the list is still on……. I love! I love!! I love!!!. Well done bankz.


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