Life matters

Life Lately

Hello my darlings, How was your week? I hope it was great. Its been long I actually did a life lately post and so I decided to post one today because I really love when  I get to talk about how I’m feeling, What I’m  planning and basically everything on my mind. Before I go into the post proper, I would like to confess that I’m obsessed with the word “Basically”, please don’t tell me I’m weird. I remember telling my friend while we were talking that I wish I could say the word basically every minute. Are you obsessed with any word like me? Please let me know in the comment section before I finally agree I’m weird.

Okay lets get started, Currently I Am;


  • Wearing: I’m wearing a blue dress which was a gift from my favourite Aunt. I wore the dress to Dee Mako’s bloggers brunch last year. I really love the dress because its blue and its very comfortable.
  • Admiring: If you follow me on instagram and if you don’t kindly follow me (@callmethonia). I did a shout out to my first ever woman crush which is  my elder sister and its not because she’s my sister, but because she  has showed me that you don’t have to know anyone at the top or have very rich parents to succeed. She’s so beautiful, strong ,independent and very hardworking. I really admire her everyday and the woman she has become.
  • Feeling: Well, I think I’ve been feeling good lately but a times I get pressure from work, pressure when I think of where I am and where  I want to be and when that pressure comes in, I get a little bit moody. I have come to realize that with God everything would definitely work out fine and that has kept me going.
  • Craving: So its kind of tradition that when its your birthday in my office, you get to share small chops and drinks. Now I crave the small chops everyday especially the chicken and samosa.
  • Anticipating: Its my birthday in few weeks (July 8) and I don’t know why I’m soooo excited because I don’t have plans to throw a party or anything but I’m just excited that I would be a year older !!!
  • Planning: In the last life lately post I planned to get a domain name and I did yaay!! Well now I plan to just make the blog better with content and work with brands both Locally and Internationally. Somebody say Amen!
  • Wishing: I wish I was in the U.K with my sister right now for the holiday but I’m not entitled to go on leave till I’m one year at my place of work. So I would patiently wait till that time and hope to enjoy the leave by travelling to somewhere beautiful too.
  • Inspired By: Desiree Iyama inspires me sooo much. I love seeing girl bosses do great things. From being a fashion blogger to having her clothing line. She’s goals to be honest and I wish her all the best.
  • Listening to: Mr Eazi is giving me joy lately with his jams. I’ve been listening to his songs lately and I hope to meet him personally to tell him that I’m such a huge fan.

I hope you really loved reading what I have been up to lately and don’t forget to share in the comment section if you are also obsessed with any word and please let me know what the word is.

Have a great week darlings and be good.

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