Zaful Review

Hello Darlings, Who else is excited that it's Friday ? I'm very excited and can't wait for the weekend to begin. I read on Twitter one time when someone said when he has a company, He would make sure all his employees work from home on Fridays. Hmmn I think that would be a smart… Continue reading Zaful Review


Denim and Tee Shirt: How To Achieve The N1000 Look

Hello Darlings, How have you been? I've been great and I just realized that so many amazing people/celebrities  that I really love are born in July. The funny thing about it is that I genuinely really love them and when I found out they were July babies, I just knew that its the whole July… Continue reading Denim and Tee Shirt: How To Achieve The N1000 Look


Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

Hello Darlings, Happy new month!! Its officially my birth month and I'm so happy because this year has been so great and God keeps showing me love and I can't be grateful enough.  I finally attended a fashion show and now I can proudly tick that off my bucket list. The awesome thing about attending the… Continue reading Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016