Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

Hello Darlings, Happy new month!! Its officially my birth month and I’m so happy because this year has been so great and God keeps showing me love and I can’t be grateful enough.  I finally attended a fashion show and now I can proudly tick that off my bucket list. The awesome thing about attending the fashion show  is that I got an invite as a fashion blogger,  How cool is that?. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you my outfit details, my experience and what I would rate the show over a hundred percent. Let’s do this!


The event held on Saturday 2nd July 2016 at Eko hotel and suites Victoria Island Lagos.It was a 3 day event but the main catwalk and exhibition was on that 2nd of July. I was excited about attending the show, but when I realized that the show was the next day, I started to panic because I didn’t have what to wear and had nothing in mind because I never planned to attend the show. imagine having just a day to plan your outfit for a fashion show as a fashion blogger? Mehn that’s not easy. I got home after collecting the ticket and brought out all my clothes and I kept staring at the it because I was so confused. I had to involve my mum (My personal stylist and adviser) and together we came up with an outfit I really love and with the response from people at the show, I think I killed it.



I decided to pair an off shoulder lace dress (Yes, its a dress) with A DIY frayed hem denim jeans, A DIY jeans choker and a black heels. Who else is glad that chokers are back and this time you can  make one with any material or clothing. I love that my mum and I settled for this look because its appropriate for a fashion show and I was super comfortable that day too.


I love my blog and my readers so much and I’m so happy sharing every detail both the good and the bad with them though sometimes I say to myself “I hope I’m not sharing too much”, The good thing about being yourself on your blog is that people tend to relate with you and love you for who you are. I was reading my mails over the weekend and I got an offer to be a contributor for a blog because they really loved how I don’t hold back anything and how original I am. Who would have guessed people would love you for originality and being yourself?


I had a  major  shoe malfunction that day and till now I still haven’t gotten over it. I always advise ladies to never go out in shoes they are not comfortable in. I was sweating so bad on my feet and because of that, my legs were coming out of the shoes and the worst happened, i couldn’t walk again in the heels. Its so funny now that I’m actually doing a post but trust me it wasn’t funny that day. Thanks to David(Daltimore)  who i just met that day that held me and didn’t make the most awkward day of my life look so bad because we laughed so much while it was happening.


I would rate the designs showcased by designers and the whole event 40 percent because I was a little disappointed with African designers because they keep saying we don’t showcase our culture and would rather wear a Balmain dress than wear a piece from Toyin Lawani.Why wont that happen  when our designers are not very creative and are not trying to create something very different and extraordinary. The setting was cool and the models were okay.

Would I attend next year? Sure, there’s always room for improvement and I hope next year is better.

Happy Eid-il-filtr to my muslim readers. Hey guys  My birthday is on Friday and I have started collecting gifts oh.

Dress- Indigo


Glasses- Thoniabankz store

Shoe-New look from Indigo


18 thoughts on “Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

  1. Amidst the shoe drama, you obviously slayed and it didn’t look like you were going through something. You look beautiful. A denim choker? I am off to make mine. Thumbs up!


  2. Lol…. It was a pretty cool experience for u I think cos u wore a beautiful smile all through even though ur shoes…


  3. Nice post darling..been seeing ur links bt its my first time here on ur blog. U slayed in that outfit, God bless ur work dear.


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