Denim and Tee Shirt: How To Achieve The N1000 Look


Hello Darlings, How have you been? I’ve been great and I just realized that so many amazing people/celebrities  that I really love are born in July. The funny thing about it is that I genuinely really love them and when I found out they were July babies, I just knew that its the whole July love keeping us together .People like Capt Femi, Seun,  Toolz, Gbemi, Sarkodie, Wizkid, Wole Soyinka, Rita and so many other people.


When I was done with my NYSC in July last year, I got a job in October and asides the fact that I’m so grateful to God for that because trust me even while I was serving people kept on saying it that Oh getting a job after NYSC is not guaranteed and that people that have served over 7 years were still job hunting and all. I got a job and I  promised to be very cautious about my spending and learn the habit of saving and making do with whatever clothing or bags I have. It has not been easy but  when you think about how you were so stressed all through the month and how you were always in Lagos traffic everyday, you’ll be forced to learn how to save Lol.


I attended CAG bloggers forum on Saturday  and in her RSVP  Mail she indicated that we come dressed in very casual clothing preferably denim and so I decided to pair my denim skirt with a white Tee shirt which overall costs N1000 only. I’m sure my account officer would be very proud of me (Covers face).


I bought the denim skirt at Yaba for N500 and I remember that I didn’t plan to buy anything but when I saw the skirt and heard it was just N500, I knew I had to buy it and that it would come handy one day. I paired the skirt with a Lux shirt which comes in a pack with three shirts for N1500 so one of the shirt would go for N500.


The amazing thing about thrift shopping is that you get the best pieces for an affordable price and I always say you don’t have to spend so much to prove that you are fashionable.


The Bloggers forum was great and I met great bloggers who want to be better in what they do and be unique. I’m glad I attended and would be attending the next one.

What are your views on saving? Do you have tips for saving?please share in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading and have an amazing week too.

Denim skirt: Yaba

Tee shirt: Lux

Bag and Sunglasses :

footies: gift



18 thoughts on “Denim and Tee Shirt: How To Achieve The N1000 Look

  1. Baby la hot. Yaba been helping ladies since 1900 but I’m not good at thrift shopping. It’s something I will have to learn.

    You look take away, honey. 😍


  2. Saving is really helpful because human wants are insatiable. Every now and then I draw up a list of things I need to buy and then put up an estimate price so I can budget a particular amount which serves as my saving target.


  3. Aww, I see my name babe😘. July children are definitely the best. No argument.
    Please come and be carrying me to shop!!


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