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Thrift Shopping: 5 Tips To Follow For Successful Thrifting.

Hello darlings… Happy new month!!! I guess its not too late to say so since it’s just the 5th day of the new month. I pray the new month brings forth great news for us all.


I have decided to do a quick post on thrifting because I’ve received several  mails and comments from people who ask various questions like “where did you get it”  “How did you get it for that amount” and so many other questions that I hope with this few tips I’ll be sharing would answer the questions and be helpful to everyone.

Whoever said thrifting was very easy didn’t tell you the entire truth. Although some of us get lucky some days when we are just passing by and see beautiful pieces for a little price but on some days,  you have to search till you finally see what you want.

Below are 5 tips that would help you successfully thrift;

  1. Know what you want before you decide to thrift: This is very important so that you don’t end up buying what you don’t need. I personally write down what I want to buy in the memo of my phone so that I don’t get carried away by every cloth I see and forget what really made me come to the market.
  2. Patience: This is very important, You have to be really patient especially when you are thrifting. There are some days I go  thrifting and its not until I go to the third or fourth shop that I see what I want. If I wasn’t patient, after the first shop I might have just angrily gone home. So patience is a major key when you want to thrift (Who noticed how I just pulled a DJ Khaled line there Lol).
  3. Be open to ideas: There might be some days you might not really get exactly what you want and so that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be open to buying something else. One time I went thrifting and I really wanted an off shoulder top, I searched and didn’t find it but in one shop I saw a cold shoulder top and decided to buy it instead.
  4. Place and Time: This is very important when you want to thrift. Most of the time I thrift at Yaba and over time I have discovered that Wednesdays and Fridays are the days when new stuffs are brought to the market and its a perfect time to thrift. If you decide to go on a day  that is not Wednesday or Friday, go very early in the morning or in the evening.
  5. Quality: The fact that you are getting second hand clothes / bags/ shoes doesn’t mean you should settle for bad quality. There are amazing designer clothes you’ll see when you go thrifting and so don’t let anyone make you feel that you can’t get great designs or quality because it’s second hand and doesn’t cost too much.

I hope the above  tips would be really helpful for those that are scared of thrifting. I’ll still give tips from time to time on the blog and if you need any help please send me a mail or drop your comments .

What are your views on thrifting? A yay or Nay?please let me know your views in the comment section.

Top and jeans: Thrifted from yaba.

Have a great weekend darlings.

13 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping: 5 Tips To Follow For Successful Thrifting.

  1. Nice post.. Lovely outfit especially the top 😍😍 I really love thrifting but didn’t find anything reasonable while I was in Lagos, you will show me when am back oh 😁😁


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  3. These are really great tips! I have a thrifting addiction haha and I love seeing others get the same amount of joy out of it!! ❤️


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