Minimal Fashion X NappyHaired

Hello my darlings, How have you been and how was your week? My week was good except for the fact that my ear piece was stolen/ lost at the lunch room at work yesterday. Who else feels heartbroken when they lost their ear piece? I always feel like a part of me has been snatched Lol.



I’m really loving  minimal outfits. A good pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, your favourite shoes and that’s it- You’re good to go. Minimal outfits are very easy to pull off and super comfortable to wear.



I got a text  from Alex of Nappyhaired to collaborate and I was very excited because asides the fact that she’s an amazing beauty, lifestyle and hair blogger, I was opportuned to wear one of her very beautiful wigs (Wig Lola). I was very confused on what to wear for the shoot and at last minute I decided to go for less- A white Obawon  T- shirt which was a gift from my amazing friend Fiddle,  a distressed frayed hem jeans,  my mums Thrifted jacket and my very cute Jellies that I’ve been obsessed with and haven’t stopped talking about it on my snapchat (callmethonia) and my Instagram (Callmethonia). I put  the handles there so that you can follow me right away!



Its not news that I decided to go on low cut after a year of growing my natural hair( If you were  following me on snapchat and instagram you would have known). I really can’t explain why I did that because I don’t plan on applying relaxers even when I grow the hair again but  I just decided to just cut the hair. So for the period I’m still growing the hair, I’ll be seen wearing wigs and I loved that Alex considered me to wear Wig Lola because I love me some big hairrrrrr and I can picture myself wearing it to a party, hangout with friends and so many places. The hair is very beautiful, soft not spongy and affordable too. For the love I have for you guys, you can use the code “Thoniabankz” for 10% off when purchasing Wig Lola. You can follow her on Instagram @Nappyhiared for details on how to get one.



I went through my mum’s old clothes over the weekend and I was attracted to one jacket and I asked my mum about it and she told me it was thrifted so many years ago. I was so happy when she said I could have it and so I decided to pair it with my T-shirt and jeans. Jackets makes an outfit have a different look and if you feel wearing a pair of jeans and shirt wouldn’t make you appear stylish, pair the outfit with a jacket.


Who else is going for the bloggers brunch tomorrow? Don’t forget to say hi when you see me as I might be too shy to say hi.

What are your views on minimal fashion? Are you a T shirt and jeans person or would rather go over dressed? Please drop your comments  in the comment section, I’ll love to hear from you.

Have an amazing weekend guys.


Jeans-Thrifted but DIY frayed hem

jacket- Mums

Jellies- Yaba

Sunglasses- zaful

16 thoughts on “Minimal Fashion X NappyHaired

  1. Hi! I’m ALL about dressing minimally…and also building a minimal wardrobe. I think people get minimalism as an aesthetic or style choice (wearing strictly neutrals, clean lines…you know, bland, stark stuff) with minimalism as a method, a philosophy. French women like Emmanuele Alt and Garance Dorè have mastered this. Emmanuele has a style uniform and because of that she is always consistent and she’s always been quoted saying that she doesn’t shop a lot and her outfits in essence are basic. Yet she’s one of the most photographed women and all over everyone’s Pinterest feed. (BTW, I talk about why every girl needs a uniform here…think you might find it helpful: Minimalism at essence is about having clothes that you love to wear and wearing what makes you look good, feel good. Not piling on a whole bunch of accessories, etc. to distract from who you are. The minimalist is the most confident because she knows who she is and who she wants to be, who she wants the world to see her as…and she’s not afraid to pare it down.


  2. White shirt and denim for the win! Minimal outfits are everyday life savers. Mine is mostly jeans, inner wear, plaid shirt and flats sometimes I pop a hat in there and bounce.


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