How To Style Ankara Off-Shoulder Top

Hello Darlingsss! How are you doing? Hope your week was great? My week was good and I’m excited for the weekend because I need to sleep. What’s with me and sleep sef (covers face).


We all know Nigeria our beloved country hasn’t been in the perfect condition for so many months. The prices  of goods and services has doubled, Exchange rate is nothing to even  write home about and we hear people constantly say that “The country is in recession”. I was so shocked when I wanted to buy a TM Lewin  shirt for work that normally cost N6000 or less for one is now N10,000, If you see the way I carried myself and left the shop because really buying just one shirt for that  amount is too outrageous biko for now.


We all know that part of my bucket list is to really save this year and I’m for affordable fashion, The way to still maintain your cool for someone that loves fashion and still save is to stick to custom made pieces( Giving your tailor materials to sew), Re styling the pieces in your wardrobe and thrifting.


I decided to sew an ankara off shoulder top which  cost N500 (After so much begging o). I paired the top with my frayed hem ripped jeans that I have styled here


I paired the ankara off shoulder and frayed hem jeans with my sunglasses from Zaful that I reviewed Here and my DIY denim choker. I’m still shocked that I’m a big lover of chokers because growing up I’ve never liked anything constantly on my neck be it necklaces, turtle neck tops. I completed the look with a red bag and my Adidas air max.


You don’t have to spend so much to  prove you’re a fashionable person and if you really love a trend, get. Good tailor, good material and trust me everything is settled. I’m not against ready made pieces but if they Cost so much then I wouldn’t buy it.

Do you know how one can still stay fashionable without spending so much? Please share in the comment section.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have an amazing weekend!

Top- custom made

Frayed Hem jeans-Thrifted/ DIY


bag-indigo boutique

Air Max-gift


12 thoughts on “How To Style Ankara Off-Shoulder Top

  1. Thrifting is my go to way to still look fashionable on a budget ,you find really classy and timeless pieces for ridiculous prices.
    By the way you look Gorgeous


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