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Ankara Prints:Rules For Mixing Ankara Prints

Hello Darlings… I hope you had a great week and you’re excited for the weekend? My week was great but I had a very bad day yesterday. I gave my faulty tab to a repairer at computer village over a week and I finally decided to collect it  from him yesterday after a week of him constantly telling me stories of not finding the right screen for the tab. I gave him N5000 the day I dropped the tab and reaching there yesterday, He gave me the tab the same way I gave him and  refused to give me my N5000 back. We went back and forth on the issue and Mehn the struggle was real to get my money back. The issue is still pending as I involved other people and we finalized that I was going to get my money back on Monday. I hope I didn’t bore you with my plenty gist.


One thing I love about the fashion industry is the fact things that  were considered wrong are now being embraced and people keep making major fashion statements without being judged.


I love the ankara print so much because it’s unique  and so rich in culture that it makes me feel so close to home (thats  such a weird statement right?). I’ve always wanted to mix two ankara prints and I’m happy I finally created my own look by pairing an Ankara cape from Hoola which was included in my goody bag at The Blogger Point Blogger’s Brunch with my Anakara pants I’ve paired Here


Mixing prints can look so easy but trust me it’s take creativity and professionalism to make it work without making the ensemble look too busy. I’ll be sharing basic rules you should consider before mixing prints.

  • Mix based on colour: One way to avoid your ensemble looking too busy and confused is by making sure that the two  prints are in the same colour family. Try picking a colour  that is on both prints because it makes the look more unified and well put together.


  • Mix prints based on numbers: I know that everyone wants to try out different things to make a statement but that shouldn’t mean you should mix all the ankara prints you have at once. Mixing two prints at a time is good for beginners and mixing three prints at the same time is great  for people that are daring with fashion and know how to make it work. One  thing you should consider is that if you over do it, you’ll look very confused and trust me nobody wants to look confused wearing a particular look.


  • Mix prints based on size: Mixing bolder prints with smaller ones actually makes the look very attractive. In my own look  my cape was more bolder in colour and size than the pants.


I hope I’ve been helpful with the above rules and if you have more rules or tips to share please do so in the comment section.

Have you ever mixed ankara prints? Was it hard or you just did it? I’ll love to hear from you.

Cape- @Hoola_ng on Instagram and Twitter

Ankara Pants- custom made

Bag- zaful

Glasses- zaful


Photography: BFF Zee

Have an amazing weekend darlings.


24 thoughts on “Ankara Prints:Rules For Mixing Ankara Prints

  1. That’s so ridiculous , he didn’t fix your tab but he didn’t want to give you a refund. It’s good that you’ll get your money back. Anyways, I love your outfit, I’ve never clashed prints before. And you rock your low cut so beautifully. xx


  2. So refreshing, I love how you’re bingeing on the off shoulder trend.
    Love your location too!
    Sorry about your tab, those CV guys can be useless at times, hope you get your money back.


  3. You definitely rocked the mixed prints and your cut suits you so much.
    Don’t mind the man, that’s how they are always looking for opportunities to eat people’s money. Please get your money from him oh


  4. People can be so callous , he dint do the job but yet wants to keep the money ?, please ensure you get your money back , and by the way this outfit looks great on you , I love mixing prints and I love how you pulled yours together .


  5. I actually thought this was a two piece because the prints pair so well together. And its unfortunate about your tab and money. The same thing happened to me, I gave a tech guy 5k to buy me a battery and up to this day I have not seen the money or battery. My dear I gave up after praying for him very well, you know what I mean.

    Princess Audu


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