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How To Style Khaki High-Waisted Trouser

Hello Darlings… How’s your weekend going? My weekend has been going well but I had a very depressing week. I was down with Apollo through the week and trust me it’s one of the worst thing that can happen to anyone. The watery eyes, itching and so many other uncomfortable things.


As we all know the economy in Nigeria is not in the best position right now and the prices of goods and services have increased badly. One of the things on my  bucket list is to really save this year and one  way I can save is to style the pieces I have in my wardrobe in different ways. Yes!! Talk about being stylish yet spending less.


I attended Dee Mako’s Lagos BloggerBrunch and won a crop top and Khaki high waisted trouser from an amazing designer Titi Belo that I’ve styled Here. I got an invite to a live show recording of Highliteswithik during the week and the dress code for the show was business casual/ smart.


I was confused on what to wear and  searched through my wardrobe and couldn’t find what to wear. I decided to pair the khaki high-waisted trouser with a white chiffon shirt. I completed the look with a white sandal heel and a white clutch which was thrifted.


The good thing about owing high-waisted trousers or  pants is that you can pair it with any colour of top or shirt. There’s actually no rule stating what to pair it with it, consider the color of the trouser/ pants and just know what works for you.


Also, if you’re pairing the high- waisted trouser with a plain shirt like I did, add accessories to make the overall look sophisticated. I paired mine with a neck piece from my mums jewerly box and earrings.

Everyone should have a pair of high-waisted pants/ trousers because they come in handy and can be paired in so many ways. I still plan to pair mine in so many ways and would definitely share on the blog.

P.S I had apollo while taking this pictures and i think you guys should appreciate me for not allowing it to hold me down Lol.

Whats the best way to pair high-waisted trousers with? I’ll love to hear from you,  Please drop your comments in the comment section.

Chiffon- gift

Khaki high_waisted trouser- Titi Belo

Sandal Heels and clutch- Thrifted

Have an amazing week darlings!


23 thoughts on “How To Style Khaki High-Waisted Trouser

  1. Love it. It looks very nice and I love those pants. I wish I could wear them but this belly and backside needs some working out first lol. .year 2017 goal lol


  2. Babe you look so good and yeah I remember this khaki trouser, I still can’t believe they still fit you so perfectly.
    I don’t owe a lot of high waisted pants and I can count how many times I’ve actually worn one. I feel like they never fit me.
    P.s- I nominated you for a blogger recognition award. Do check out my most recent post to view the rules and more.
    My Style Look Book Series


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