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You Are Enough

Hello Darlings.. How was your weekend? Hope it was great and you are ready for the busy week?! I don't know how I feel right now because my annual leave was cut short and I'm resuming tomorrow. Deep sigh!. I know you have heard many people say that "You Are Enough" so many times but many… Continue reading You Are Enough


Athleisure: How To Style Joggers

Hello Family.. I guess you know you're  my online  family and I have great love for you people that take time to read my blog, share on social media and drop wonderful comments. You are amazing!!. So I'm currently on my annual leave and it has been awesome despite the fact that I'm always in… Continue reading Athleisure: How To Style Joggers


The GTB Fashion Weekend: What I Wore.

Hello darlings... How was your weekend? I had a great and fun filled weekend and that's because I got to attend the gtb fashion weekend. If you are following me on Instagram (callmethonia), you'll know that I was kind of down that I missed the Lagos fashion week because of work and when I heard… Continue reading The GTB Fashion Weekend: What I Wore.


5 Things Every Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger Must Have.

Hello Darlings..... I can't believe I've been away from the blog in weeks and I'll rather not start bringing up stories on why I've been away, rather I'll just apologize. Guess who is free from work for a month? Meeeee ( Dancing shoki and Dabbing at the same time Lol). My annual leave started yesterday and… Continue reading 5 Things Every Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger Must Have.