5 Things Every Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger Must Have.


Hello Darlings….. I can’t believe I’ve been away from the blog in weeks and I’ll rather not start bringing up stories on why I’ve been away, rather I’ll just apologize. Guess who is free from work for a month? Meeeee ( Dancing shoki and Dabbing at the same time Lol). My annual leave started yesterday and mehn it has been so good despite the fact that I’ll be in lagos all through the break  even though I planned to travel before.

I have learnt over time that being a fashion/ Lifestyle blogger is not just all about putting up posts every day on the blog. As time goes by you’ll be approached by people, brands who would want to work with you. I know bloggers who have been blogging for months or years consistently but have never been recognized or are not where they are supposed to and this could be because they are not doing certain things or don’t have the things or tools every fashion and lifestyle blogger should. I can’t say I’m there yet but I have grown so much and I’m certainly not where I was when I started blogging and I noticed things changed as soon I decided to have somethings. Below are 5 things every fashion/ Lifestyle blogger must have;

  • A Domain Name: If you want to be taken very seriously in the blogging business, You need to get a domain name. I’m saying this because I remeber I went for an event early this year and got talking to a fashion designer,  I told him I was a blogger and he was excited and asked me for the name of my blog and I told him ( He looked at me like an unserious person but thank goodness he was an outspoken person and he advised that I get a domain name for easy accessibility and to be taken very serious by brands. I wasn’t even working when I decided to get a domain name ( but the determination to be a better blogger prompted me to get one immeadiately.


  • A Camera: Lucas is one of the best things that happened to me this year. Am I weird that I named my camera Lucas (covers face). Getting a camera as a fashion/ lifestyle blogger should be a priority for better picture quality, to cover events effectively and so many other things. I know its not easy getting one and if you have been following my blog you’ll see that I have repeatedly stated that I needed a camera. I saved towards it and yes it’s off my list!! If I can do it, you too can. Just be determined and place your priorities right.


  • A compliementary card: I’m lucky to have a bestfriend that is very supportive even though we have our moments when I pick up a fight with him for not retweeting links to my new blog post lol. He decided to get  me a complimentary card for my blog and business as my birthday gift even though I lowkey wanted a bag or shoe lol. I cannot over emphasize the importance of a complimentary card, many bloggers including myself have lost great deals to work with amazing brands because they didn’t have a business card to show what they are about or to show the seriousness in their craft. I dont know how much it cost to get it one , but I doubt it’s overly expensive. If you can afford a bag for N8,000, you should be able to get a complimentary card done.


  • A laptop / Mobile phone: You definitely need to push out posts on your blog and to do that you’ll need a laptop or internet enabled mobile phone. It’s funny that most times I prefer to type my blog posts on my mobile phone rather than my laptop. It’s advisable to check out your blog from your laptop sometimes from your laptop to see how your blog looks from the web because I’ve noticed that when you decide to read some blogs from the web it’s very scattered unlike when you read it from your mobile phone. So make sure your blog appears great on both  phone and web.


  • Notepad / Blog planner: Every blogger should have a notepad or blog planner where you write down likely posts to put on the blog , plan outfits , collaborations and every idea that you get no matter the time and place. I carry my notepad everywhere because you don’t know when you’ll get an idea that would be very useful for your blog.

I hope this post would serve as a motivator to all fashion and lifestyle bloggers that don’t want to be considered as ordinary and want to taken seriously. If you plan effectively and set your priorities right you’ll get all the 5 things off your  list and when you do, you’ll see changes.

Do you know other things that every fashion and lifestyle blogger muse have? Please share in the comment section. I’ll love to hear from you . If you also have any questions , ask me and I’ll answer you.

Have a great day darlings!

22 thoughts on “5 Things Every Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger Must Have.

  1. This is my first time here! I love this post and I do agree with getting a complimentary card. I don’t have one right now so definitely thinking about it.

    Right now, I’m trying to move from blogger to WordPress without losing my content and that’s a different task before getting a domain name


  2. you are so on point… Lols about the shoki and dabbing bit…. the camera and the domain are two things am really looking at getting… I mean my URL. looks so long and childish and how will I force fit into it a complimentary card? lol…


  3. Awesome tips, love the simplicity, and all the points youve listed. – business cards/complimentary cards are essentials for sure, to ensure potential contributors/brands ensure they have your details correct, and you’re not spending 5 minutes spelling out your domain, or email address. Also, if you’re just starting out having basic ones printed from MS Word, would totally suffice, and most smartphones have pretty decent cameras, so forking out for a DSLR isn’t necessary in the beginnings. (Just my thoughts anyway! – but I’m still building, growing, learning.. hahaa)


  4. All your points are on point, especially the one about checking the blog layout via the laptop and phone. I do this a lot! People really don’t realise how scattered their blog looks on a different device! It may be scaring off readers and opportunities even


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