Athleisure: How To Style Joggers


Hello Family.. I guess you know you’re  my online  family and I have great love for you people that take time to read my blog, share on social media and drop wonderful comments. You are amazing!!. So I’m currently on my annual leave and it has been awesome despite the fact that I’m always in pains after working out ( by force fit fam).


I really had plans to go on vacation to get away from the stress in Nigeria  and have fun but the dollar rate and the fact that I cannot use my card for atm withdrawals is actually crazy. I decided to register at a gym to keep fit and lose all the weight. It’s not been easy but I’m still pushing it and I really hope I can still work out when I  resume work.


Athleisure is a fashion trend in which clothes that are designed for workouts and other activities is worn in other settings like to work, hang out with friends, parties. It’s basically wearing gym clothes outside the gym. I decided to try this trend by styling my joggers with a top and heels.


I was inspired to try this trend because I love my joggers and the fact that styling gym wears are so comfortable . I’ll choose comfort over anything when choosing an outfit. I also found out that the trend originated when people decided not to change after leaving the gym ( I totally feel the people that started it because the pains you feel after working out can make you so tired that you’ll not want to do anything).


One basic thing you should consider when trying the athleisure trend is that you shouldn’t make the outfit too busy. What this means is that you can style the joggers, yoga pants with a  T shirt or crop top or a jacket. You can complete the look with heels, sneakers or boots.


Just like the off shoulder trend that keeps evolving, I don’t see this trend going anytime soon. Many celebrities and fashionista’s have embraced it and I totally see people crearing their own unique style with this trend.

What do you think about this trend? Will you be trying it soon? I’ll love to hear from you and so kindly drop your comments in the comment section.

Top- Indigo boutique

Joggers- indigo boutique

glasses- zaful

heels- thrifted

Have an amazing week ahead Darlings!

13 thoughts on “Athleisure: How To Style Joggers

  1. I love d trend especially cos joggers are so comfy, i wanted to wear mine out once but i didn’t cos I wasn’t sure how to pair it plus I’m quite curvy nd so wasn’t comfortable with all dat booty shaped out lol, Now dat I’m seeing urs nao, d inspiration nd confidence z coming in, i think I’d pair mine with a denim jacket tho 😉


    1. I totally forgot to mention that people stared so much especially at my booty lool . A girl got to do what she got to do. Can’t wait to see you style it with denim. Thanks for stopping by dear


  2. That ATM ish is soooo worrying and doing a great job keeping peeps cooped in…anyway, love the joggers as well as your heels!! Thrifted? Who knew….and your clutch is pretty dope as well


  3. I love the athleisure trend and you rocked it so perfectly. It’s just so comfortable and your top and heels give this look an edge. i’m definitely going to e rocking the athleisure trend soon. Thanks Thonia fir such a great post!


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