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Life Lately

Hello my darlings, Happyyyyyy new month and welcome to the month of happiness and love. I know it’s the 10th day of the month and super late but  I resumed work and  it’s been so hard finding time to write a post but I’m here now and that’s all that matters.


I’m excited doing a post on life lately because it’s been so long I did that. Okay let’s do this!!!

  • Wearing: In this post I’m wearing a cold shoulder dress from @desire1709fashion and I’m really in love with the dress because of the colour and how totally chic it makes me look. I wore it to the intel computer event and I got so many beautiful compliments. Can you imagine someone thought I looked like Nickki ( I’m sure the person was low key yabbing me).
  • Admiring: I’ve been admiring Alice of coloursandgrey because of her strength and how she has grown despite so many setbacks. She has been organizing CAG bloggers forum and if you’re in Abuja you should follow her on instagram for details on the upcoming event.
  • Feeling: I’ve been filled with so much positivity and I’ve been very happy since the new month. I never knew that keeping toxic  people in your life can be a killer joy and ever since I found strength to cut off people that are not good for me, I’ve been a very happy child.
  • Craving: It’s weird but I’ve not been craving anything in particular. You know I’m still a partial member of the fit fam lol so even if I was craving anything it would be fruits.
  • Anticipating: I’m so ready for 2017 because I have so much faith that it would be a great year for me in all areas and maybe I’ll finally meet bae ( covers face).
  • Planning: So i attended the intel iampowerful event yesterday and I was privileged to have Mai Atafo mentor me. He is super cool and is full of positive vibes and with what I’ve learnt I’m planning on leaving my comfort zone and taking risks in terms of planning a meet and greet event or organize  a small gathering where I can discuss with people who want to start fashion blogs. Who else thinks I should work on getting this done? Let me know in the comment section pretty please.
  • Wishing: I wish I could get paid to  travel to so many counties. I planned to travel for my annual leave but so many things hindered me from doing so.
  • Inspired by: I’m inspired by two young women Dee mako and Cassie Daves who are wonderful fashion bloggers. It’s a great thing that they are not  limiting themselves to just being fashion bloggers. They have created the 2017 blog planner which I think is an amazing idea and would be really useful for bloggers.
  • Listening to: Adekunle Gold my Life is an amazing song. The song gives me chills and it’s weird but the song also makes me realize that God has done so many great things for me and for that I’m really thankful.



I hope you enjoyed reading what I’ve been up to lately and remember you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and attention.

Have an amazing weekend and what are your thoughts on me planning a meet and greet or basically any event for me and you to chill and have fun? Please share in the comment section.

Dress- @desire1709fashion

shoes- Indigo boutique

Glasses- @Zaful

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