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Styling The Little Black Dress X Giveaway


Hello darlingsss, How has your week been?     Am I the only one that isn’t in the Christmas mood and feels so weird because Christmas is on Sunday?! Like Sunday!!! I think when you grow up so many things change. I’m still thankful to God for making me see another Christmas and I’m hopeful that it would be a good one.


I’m sure everyone has heard of the little black dress (LBD) and how it’s an important wardrobe staple. It’s actually funny that despite the buzz of having a LBD I never had one until my birthday last year when I finally decided to get this cute one from indigo boutique that  I’m so in love with and I’m happy  I bought it that day.


One great advantage of owning a black dress is that it can be worn to practically every occasion and can be styled differently. You just have to consider the occasion you’re attending and you are good to go.


I decided to style the black dress with a denim jacket and completed the look with black heels and a purse. Styling the LBD this way makes me comfortable and has that chic effect too.


Another great advantage of owning a LBD is that it can be styled with any color of bag, shoes, accessories and this is super cool because sometimes we find ourselves being restricted of wearing certain colours because of the outfit we are wearing. The good thing about fashion is that there are no rules on how to style outfits and so whatever way  you are comfortable wearing a particular outfit, just do it.


I know everyone is wondering what the giveaway is about yea? So before I discuss  it I just want to appreciate you for always checking the blog, leaving amazing comments and suggestions, sharing the blog post and so much more. I cannot explain how grateful I am and how much I love you.


I’m giving away this black dress from indigo boutique (that I’ve worn only once). I’m also giving away the black heels (size 37) and finally I’ll be giving two sunglasses from my store.

To Enter The Giveaway Simply

  • Subscribe to my blog via email
  • Follow me on instagram/ Twitter @callmethonia . You can also follow on snapchat with the same handle I swear I’m fun lol.
  • I’ll love to know what you love about the blog, what you don’t love  and finally what posts you want to see more.
  • Indicate what particular item you want to win .

The giveaway ends on the 30th of December and the winner would be announced on the blog and instagram on the 1st of January 2017. I hope everyone is excited and would enter for the giveaway.

I wish you all an amazing Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance.

Much love T.


20 thoughts on “Styling The Little Black Dress X Giveaway

  1. Hayy slayanna is that you?? Looking good girl, love how you styled this dress.
    As obviously it is not my size 😑 and your feet decided to be small, I want sunglasses 😭💃💃 #fixitjesus


  2. i want more and more style posts ooo. Love how simple you styled this. Your blog does not load fast and when it does I don’t see all the pictures so I think you should look into that if I’m not the only one complaining. I want Sunglasses oooo (I swear I’m on a mission to win so many things this Christmas)


  3. I love your outfit posts, always slaying and the fact that you put up inspirational posts. Stuck between wanting the dress and sunglasses. Can’t have the shoes cause big foot problems. I think I’ll go for the sunglasses though, growing my sunglasses collection


  4. Definitely more style post because your style is just you and it’s something people can draw inspiration from. Really love go you styled the LBD with the denim shirt.


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