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Toyinwithfashion X Thoniabankz


Hello my darlings!! Happy new year!!!! I’m super excited and can’t even believe it’s the 1st of January 2017. God has been too great for his love and for everything he has done. Welcome to the new year and I pray it brings great and amazing things for us.



If you follow me on Instagram (callmethonia), You’ll be aware that I collaborated with Lade and I’ve been so eager to put up the post because she has put hers up on her blog and you should really check it out  Here. This post is going to be a bit  lengthy because I’ll be sharing details on our meet up, our  outfit details, giveaway winners and just a few things about the new year.

Social Media X Reality



I think everyone has come across certain people that are so bubbly, fun to chat with on social media but you suddenly meet them at an event or somewhere and they are just somehow and totally different from what they showcase on social media. Meeting Lade was totally different like my girl is cuterrrrr in person( Whut!!!). She’s so full of life, very funny, super nice and I can go on and on really. We should hang out again but please no more food ( After our shoot, we went to eat out and we had a lot really lol)  because I want to resume my fit fam goals oh.

Outfit Details; 



We planned to do a shoot for Christmas and so I decided to wear a velvet playsuit from @desire1709 that  I’m deeply in love with and I’m so happy velvet is coming back, Who’s excited too?. Lade decided to slay in  a white off shoulder dress. Can we take a moment to appreciate Lade’s younger sister for the amazing shots because it was her first time handling a camera( I love you girl).

2017 Goals;


I’m currently in bed with my notepad  drafting what I want to achieve in the new year but one thing I know is that I want to be as happy as me and Lade are in this picture. I have not sorted what I want to achieve with regards to work, Business, and other aspects of my life but Biko hopefully I get a bae this year ( can I get an amen) Lol. I’ll  do a post when I have all 2017 vision all figured out.

Giveaway Winners;

Dress- Fola

Sunglasses- Wunmi

Shoes-  Evetonnia

Congrats guys!!

Are you a blogger and you want to collaborate? Please send an email to, lets collaborate and have fun!!!.

What are your plans for the new year? Please share in the comment section as I would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing 2017 darlings!!

14 thoughts on “Toyinwithfashion X Thoniabankz

  1. That is how I didn’t win giveaway ooo *tears* but yaay all these descriptions for me my bride price just went up!!! We moveee.. Amen to the boo.


  2. Happy new year ❤❤
    You both look stunning, I haven’t been able to get over these pictures since I saw them and your smiles eh.
    Thank you for the giveaway 😘😘


  3. Hi I just gotta say that these pictures are incredible. Such a good idea to do a collaboration like this and both you ladies look so pretty together I hope u do something like this again. Also I gotta say you look INCEDIBLE in your outfit. I really like the colour and man u look sexy in that playsuit- just beautiful. 😉 I really like your hair too u look beautiful. x x x x x


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