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The Pajamas Trend: 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Pajamas Outside The Bedroom


Hello Darlings… How have you been and how is the new year treating you? The year has been going on well for me, Work has not been too stressful, Lagos traffic hasn’t gotten too bad and I’ve been living life with so much positivity.


The Pajamas trend has been making its way to runways, red carpets, streets and so many celebrities and fashion bloggers have been spotted with this trend. I know it might sound so crazy and weird to wear your PJ’s outside your house to an event or to just hang out with friends but really life  is too short not to try out new things or take certain risks. This is one reason why I’m really in love with fashion because there are no rules guiding how you should wear certain pieces, So far you are comfortable with whatever outfit you wear then you have no issues.


I’ll be sharing 5 reasons why you should wear your Pajamas outside your bedroom below;

1. You finally get to wear your PJ’s outside the bedroom: Like I said earlier life is too short and for that reason you need to leave your comfort zone and try out new things. Everyone that knows me well would testify that I’m not really a risk taker especially when it comes to fashion (My mum might disagree to this though because to her wearing ripped jeans and chokers is not normal Lol). This year I have decided to leave my comfort zone and try out new things, go to new places, have fun and be a baby girl. So if you are on the same mission like me then you should try this trend.


2. Wearing PJ’s gives you longer legs: If you were not blessed genetically with long legs like me then you should really try this trend. You all know I’m a shortie and don’t have long legs like the supermodels but wearing the PJ would help to create an illusion that you have long legs and you know how amazing it is when everyone assumes you have long legs Lol.


3. The PJ’s are super light and comfortable:   Everyone knows how super comfortable Pajamas are and so if you’re one that loves comfort when it comes to fashion then you should wear your PJ’s outside your bedroom.


4. If you already have long legs they’ll help you accentuate those amazing legs: The trend is also in favor of those with long legs because it would make it more noticeable in a very good way and really who doesn’t want to flaunt her long legs in an outfit?!.


5. The patterns are flattering when it comes to your figure: This is so important because there are certain trends that some people might not try out because of their body size but Pajamas fits regardless of your body size. You also get to style it any how you want to.


I hope with the reasons I’ve listed you’ll be willing to try out this trend. If you are scared of trying it out at once then you can  start by pairing the Pajamas top or pants with other pieces.

What are your thoughts on wearing pajamas outside the bedroom? I’ll love to hear from you and so kindly share in the comment section. Have an amazing week and remember to be you and do whatever makes you happy!

Pajamas: Mums

Shoes: Desire1709fashion

Purse: Zaful

20 thoughts on “The Pajamas Trend: 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Pajamas Outside The Bedroom

  1. Dis z so foine, nd u look really great in it lyk u rockd it really well. I love ur hair too 😍 wud i b trying dis trend? Maybe but not sure mum will let me out of d house with it tho but I’m all in for daring, comfortable styles


  2. This is the best I’ve seen in Nigeria! Like the trend was made for your body. Lemme try to work on a way guys can super in their PJs.


  3. Errrr nope this is one trend I’m not jumping on LOL. It’s bad enough that I always feel sleepy so I’d now wear pajamas and kuku be sleeping everywhere Lmao. You guys rock it well though but naaa, I’ll pass.


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