The Sunflower Shift Dress



Hello Darlings… How was your week? Hope school/ Work didn’t stress you?. My week was great but the devil tried to use two of my colleagues to try to make me angry this week but his plans didn’t work out. Have I told you guys that this year I plan and pray not to let anything or anyone steal my joy? So when a situation comes that would make me moody or angry on a normal day, I just laugh, shake it off and even say to myself that the devil cannot take my joy or make me angry. I should do a post on the blog on how to live a happy life yea?! LOL.


I got this sunflower shift dress from the amazing people at desire1709fashion during Christmas in a giveaway. When I got a notification that I won the dress I was so happy because I don’t own a sunflower dress but at that moment I didn’t know it was a shift dress. When I got the dress and found out that it was a shift dress, I wasn’t so happy. I’m sure you are wondering why?!!!


I didn’t get excited because it wasn’t body-fitted. I loveeee body fitted clothes so much especially dresses because I always believed that since I wasn’t a slim person, wearing a dress that isn’t fitted would make me look bigger and wouldn’t flatter my figure. So as usual I planned to adjust the dress to fit me but thanks to my mum who convinced me and gave me a little talk on why I didn’t have to wear fitted clothes every time.


I’ll be sharing few reasons why you should consider owning a shift dress if you don’t:

1. They are comfortable: I’m sure many of us know that you cannot trade comfort for anything in this world especially when it comes to clothes. You get to eat well, do whatever you like without being bothered  about anything.


2. They are elegant: Shift dresses are pure and simple and that’s what makes it elegant. Shout out to my mum for this point ( During our small talk regarding how I don’t have to wear fitted clothes all the time, she stated that when clothes are not body fitted, they make you look elegant and sophisticated). I totally agree with her.


3. They are flattering: It’s weird that I thought that if my clothes were not free that they won’t flatter my shape, I was so wrong. The trick is to get a good fit at the bust and shoulders and let the dress skim your body. Regardless of your body type, Shift dresses is a major key.


I hope this post would convince you not to slim fit all your dresses to your perfect body size. Shift dress is the  perfect fit for all occasions, With the perfect accessories it goes from casual to guest ready.

What are your thoughts on Shift dresses? Please share your comment because I would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing weekend and remember don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy!

Dress and shoe- @desire1709fashion on Instagram

sunglasses: Zaful

17 thoughts on “The Sunflower Shift Dress

  1. I love shift dresses. Although I usually like them to be short, such that there’s still a sexy edge to it. I love this one its so vibrant and such a happy colour! Btw this location is so clutch!! Where please?


  2. Location goals! Biko, don’t let nobody steal your joy. Speaking of Joy, love how the colour of the shift dress represents joy. You actually look really good in it.


  3. Thank God for moms. The dress looks good on you not every time fitted in my father’s voice 😄😄😄. I’m a skinny someone so I like it when my dresses fit but shift dresses are cool because they fit at the top and let loose at the bottom. So it’s a win win for me. Nice one Thonia ❤


  4. I can totally relate to your thoughts on preferring fitted dresses. My mum started to call me Ms slim fit at a time.
    Shift dresses are too cute. Totally appreciate their existence.


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