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How To Live A Happy Life/ Styling A White Shirt

Hello Darlingssss! Happy new month, I know it’s the eleventh day of the month  but it’s better late than never(that’s how they say it yea?!). I really have no excuses for this inconsistency but I’ll still love to apologize and I hope you forgive me (puppy face). How has the new month of love been treating you? Mine has been great despite the fact that work keeps getting “crazy” but you know as a young, strong Nigerian no situation is to hard to handle.


I remember in my last post I stated that I have been in a very good place this year  and that’s so great coming from someone that always had mood swings, was depressed and basically just living life in 2016.  I’m very excited that I got to share those moments with you in a series tagged “Thonia’s Thought”. So I think it’s only fair to share with you things/ habits that have helped me and the fun fact is that there would be a style post on the side. Yaaay!


First of all, We need to understand that happiness is a choice. It’s not something we can feel through affirmation or actions. Happiness comes from within and nothing will make us happy until we choose to be happy.


I’ll share a few habits I avoided that made me find happiness. I know it’s not as easy as it seems but trust me when you set your mind to it and remember that  you deserve all the happiness the world has to offer, you’ll be able to do this.

1. Focus on the negative: Whether you are happy or not, bad things will happen in life. Happy people don’t tend to focus on the negative or bad things that has happened, they move past negativity and focus on the positive things coming. So if you intend to live a happy life, stop focusing on the negative things.

2. Frequently complain: OMG! In the past years I could complain about everything and it’s so funny I continued to do it this year but when I find myself doing it, I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and that the good times are coming. One thing you should know is that if you complain from now till next year and don’t consciously make an effort to change or appreciate whatever is making you complain( job, friends, environment), You’ll be frustrated and that would hinder you from being happy.

3. Forget to be grateful: I complain about not loving my job so much especially to my family or close friends and maybe my mum was tired of hearing it and so she sat me down one day and  said “Thonia, this job pays your bills and do you know how many people would do anything to have a job that pays even lesser than yours?!”That statement got to me that I started crying because I realized I was ungrateful for the things God has done and the job he has given me. How many people were/ are privileged to get a job two months after NYSC?! No matter where we are or what we do, let’s be grateful.

4. Expect others to make us happy: This happens a lot especially to those in relationships. I have a colleague  who I have never seen smile or laugh at work and  many people would complain about her and everyone tagged her a bitter person. It got to the point that my boss noticed and had to talk to her and to my  greatest  surprise she was always in a bad mood  because she was heartbroken from a relationship. When I heard, I was in shock because why would I be tagged as an unhappy person because of a relationship that didn’t work out and this sort of behavior happens when you depend on a person for happiness and so when the person is no longer there for you, you automatically become a sad person. Your happiness should come from within and not from anyone.

5. Focus on physical flaws: Even if nobody tells you, I’m here to tell you that you are amazing just the way you are. I’m still guilty of letting this bad habit get to me on some days and even the devil tried to use a colleague of mine one day to get to me about my body size but his plan failed (Hallelujah somebody!!). Love yourself the way you are and if you’re uncomfortable with your body  go to the gym, eat healthy,drink a lot of water and slay!


A white shirt is a very important wardrobe staple because it’s very helpful on those days you just find yourself not having what to wear to work or to an event. The amazing thing about the white shirt is that it can be styled in so many ways. In this post I layered the white shirt over a skirt and to create a statement, I put a belt over it.


There are no stated rules on how to style the white shirt and I intend to still style it in so many ways and definitely would share on the blog.

Do you have any habit that has helped you find happiness? Please share in the comment section.

I wish you an amazing weekend and If you feel like nothing is working out for you, Remember that God really loves you and he will never leave you!

White shirt- Thrifed from yaba

Skirt- Mr price

shoes- Zaful

purse- Zaful

13 thoughts on “How To Live A Happy Life/ Styling A White Shirt

  1. Well written dear, i think evryone battles with dis happiness thing evry once in a while. D negative tots just come in, situations just happen nd U’re just sad. I’ve bin really trying to be happy always nd what i do z when dese situations happen i talk to sumone about it nd he just calms me down, tells me evrything will be fyn nd just encourages me, I’ve also made a habit of writing down evry gud thing dat happens to me so when d tot comes in i just go baq to d book nd read d gud sturves nd den realize God has bin faithful. I also tell God about evrything, even d things i think are silly, d littlest things too nd he always come thru, evry tym. I hate white shirts o i don’t know what It has done to me, i always try to avoid it but u look super stylish nd i love d hat 😍


  2. Essential points dear,i get unhappy sometimes over alot of things,i remember telling someone on new years day that i feel like i wasted 2016 cos nothing great actually happened,i was having that hollow,empty,profoundly sad feeling but thankfully he pointed out things i should be grateful for. Most times we forget d good things that has happened and focus on what hasnt. Talking to a trusted friend n praying always helps..


  3. I’ve loved this look right from the time I saw it on IG ✨. You’ve really touched every point there is to. I sometimes complain unnecessarily too but then it’s always a dead end if I don’t make efforts to actually correct the problem. I can relate plenty to some other points to. I even just put a similar post. Here’s to more JOY and less ANXIETY this year 😘. Great post Thonia

    WanShyGirl ❤


  4. I really love it when people wear black and white and add a little colour pop like you did with the bag. Nice tips on happiness dear. These days I just don’t let things bother me.


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