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Casual Oufit:How To Style Jeans And T-Shirt


Hello Darling.. How have you been and how’s the week going? I hope school or work isn’t stressing you out?! I don’t feel too good because my BFF is relocating to Abuja and it hurts so much because she takes all the amazing pictures on the blog and she’s that one friend I get to chill with, be myself with and talk basically about everything. She has told me not to be too emotional, so I guess everything happens for a reason and I wish her all the best life has to offer.


There’s nothing more classy and chic than styling jeans and Tees. The simplicity of pairing the right jeans and shirt makes it one of the most versatile outfits and allows you wear it from school or work in the morning to chilling with your friends in the evening. The most important thing is that you  accessorize appropriately.


Its so funny that I never liked wearing jeans tees because I thought they didn’t make me look fashionable, Little did I know that pairing the perfect jeans and tees was major key.


One way of spicing this casual look is by wearing “inscription T-shirt” and this means wearing a shirt that passes a message or a shirt that helps in doing the talking for you. Inscription shirts make you look very fun and fashionable especially the ones with very funny quotes or sentences. The annoying part about wearing this type of shirt in Lagos is how people would read out loud what’s written on your shirt and expect you to smile or say hello to them LOL.


Another way of making this outfit not look very basic is by pairing the shirt with a ripped jeans or a frayed hem jeans. I paired  my “Trouble Maker” shirt (which I love so much because I’m lowkey a trouble maker especially to my siblings and really close friends) with ripped jeans.


You can also wear a fedora hat or snap back like I did in the post. The most important thing about this casual look is that you accessorize according to the occasion.


I’ve been wearing lots of jeans and shirts lately because they are very comfortable, easy to style yet classy.

What are your thoughts on inscription Tees? Do you think it’s an important wardrobe necessity? I’ll really love to hear from you in the comment section.

Have an amazinggggg week guys.

T-Shirt – @desire1709fashion

Jeans- Thrifted from yaba

Sneakers- Fenty Puma

snap back- @alnionline on instagram



22 thoughts on “Casual Oufit:How To Style Jeans And T-Shirt

  1. Tees and jean look is a classic and it’s perfect on you. I’ll miss u baby girl but it doesn’t change nothing.. u are still my Nigg anytime


  2. U made d jeans/tee ensemble wayyyyyy fashionable 😍 i think inscription tees are a must-v, sorry bout ur friend relocating, it’s all for d best 😘


  3. While I wouldn’t say a basic jeans and tee pairing is classic, its definitely comfy. I love the skirt and lol at Lagos people, I’m sure its mostly guys though. I like the grunge look of your photo location, really compliments this look. And girl you’ll be fine with the move, it gets easier with time. At least you guys have social media and phone calls so that’s good too.

     Princess Audu 


    1. Do you know it’s funny that I didn’t want to post the picture because I thought the location didn’t look too good and blog worthy?! I’m so glad you love it and most people do too. Thank you for the sweet words dear


  4. Oshey! Trouble maker😎. I can’t believe you’ve been sleeping on the t-shirt and jeans combo especially with how good it looks on you. I love how simple but still super cool it looks.


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