A Visit To Lekki Conservation Center/Facing Your Fears

Hello darlings… How’s your week been? Hope you’re pumped for the weekend and have plans to have fun!! I’ve still not gotten over my visit to LCC (Lekki Conservation Center) and how I came face to face with my fears (Yes…..I’m acrophobic).



I’ve always wanted to visit after hearing so much from friends and seeing pictures on social media. It’s an amazing place to go because you get to see animals in their natural habitat. I didn’t get so lucky seeing so many animals, but I got to see a tortoise and some other animals.



I went there mainly for the canopy walk and it’s said to be atleast 6-7 storey buildings high and the walk is 3km. It’s the longest canopy walkway in Africa, how cool is that. I don’t think I’ll never  forget how scary climbing the canopy was but one thing I’m super excited is that I got to complete the walk to the last stage despite my fear for heights and that’s why I would be talking about facing your fears in this post too.



Fear will always be around to tell you what you can’t do but it’s up to you to face it and tell yourself that you can.  Underneath your fears lie great opportunities and the moment you start doing the things that scare you the most, that’s the moment you become the person you’ve dreamed about. Fear hinders you from experiencing the good things life has to off

I remember how I got so scared after climbing the first canopy and I thought that I wasn’t going to continue because the canopy walk was sooo scary. I’m glad I didn’t  let fear make me miss out from an amazing experience. I’m still amazed that I didn’t cry or think of going back and that’s because I didn’t allow fear hinder me from having a good time and so I’ll be sharing some few tips that would help you overcome fear below;

1. Make your thoughts positive: When you begin to think of all the negative things that could happen to you, It would attract more fear thereby making you lose out from having a good time. I made sure I cleared all negative thoughts (Like falling from the canopy) from my head rather I was proud of myself for doing something I never thought I could do.

2. Don’t give time, energy and attention to fear: If the negative thoughts keeps coming to your mind and makes you still very scared, pay attention to something else that would help you relax and make you less scared. I remember at a point I became scared again and so I begged someone to tell a story while we were walking and as she started the story everything was normal.

3. Create a support group of family, friends or colleagues: If fear is trying to get a hold of you, get across to your family or friends for support and trust me you’ll be fine.

4. Prayer: This is major key because prayer helps in every situation. There’s a God that loves you and is willing to listen to you everytime. He’ll never leave you and loves you so much. Even if you don’t apply other tips, please pray and you’ll be amazed how everything would turn out great for you.


One of the best decisions I’ve made this year is finally facing my fears. The canopy walk accommodates a maximum of 6 people at a time and I’m glad I got paired with 4 amazing people. They are the best!

Lekki conservation center is an amazing place to hang out and bond with family and friends and so if you need a place to chill this weekend this is a great choice. Will I be climbing the canopy again? Ermm… I don’t think so Lol.

Have you visited LCC? How was your experience? What tips have helped you overcome fear? Please share in the comment section as I’ll love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend and remember not to allow fear hinder you from experiencing all the good the world has to offer.

Top: pop up sale

Skirt: Trifted/ DIY frayed hem by me

sneakers: fenty by Rihanna

12 thoughts on “A Visit To Lekki Conservation Center/Facing Your Fears

  1. I’ve heard so many gud sturvs about lcc, i hope to go one day too love ur hair nd ur outfit 😍 nd dose sneakers gurl 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 gud one dat u overcamr ur fears, i think when u stare dose fears in d face, i mean actually doingg what U’re scared of d fear runs away.


  2. I have and it was a bit different than I expected but it was fun. I didn’t go on the canopy walk though but I saw the monkeys and my friend was running away from everything. It was fun sha.


      1. I went there with a friend that had been there and he said it was really stressful. I don’t like stress 😩😩


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