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Life Lately

Hello darlings… Hope your day is going great and you are looking forward to an amazing week. I’ve been good and I’m excited on doing another life lately post because the last I did was actually in December?!! So I’m super hyped and so lets do this!



Wearing: In this post I’m wearing a thrifted black top on a black skirt and I didn’t even know it looked like a dress until my friend messaged me to ask where I got the dress from. I wore it to work and everyone sure admitted that black looks so good on me, Who agrees too?

Thanful For: I’m thankful for soooooo many things God has done in my life this year. I got an A for my appraisal at work and guess what? It came with a bonus!!! I’m also thankful for the amazing people in my life, For love, For life and for you too.

Admiring: I’ve always been a great supporter of the “Girl boss” movement because I get so inspired when young women take their time to work on amazing projects. I’ve been admiring Alex of Nappyhaired for her hard work and how she has managed school, her wig business and organizing the wig workshop. She’s about to launch her wig kit tomorrow and I’ll encourage everyone to show her so much love and support.

Feeling: I’ve been very positive and thankful to God for everything. He has been good to me in so many ways. I can’t deny that there hasn’t been days when I’ve been down from work or life generally, but knowing that God is there keeps me going.



Craving: Ever since I had a treat of the best waffles from “waffle haus”, I’ve not stopped craving more. They have collaborated with Cafe neo and so they’ll always be at cafe neo lekki and Ikeja if you’re interested in tasting the best waffles (Don’t say I didn’t tell you).

Anticipating: I recently got an email from GTB regarding the GTBank Food and Food fair happening April 30th and May 1st. I’ve never attended and I think I would attend because I heard it’s always fun. Is anyone planning to go too? Let me know in the comment section please.

Planning: When this year started I had so much ideas and plans for my blog and brand and it’s been very crazy actually bringing the ideas to reality. I recently got talking to someone and we have both agreed to start working on it. I just need your prayers and support when the time is right.

Wishing: If you follow @social prefect on Instagram you’ll know that she has a trip to Benin republic for Easter and so I wish I actually paid and was going for the trip. It would have been the perfect Easter weekend but I guess there would be other trips and hopefully I get to go.

Listening to: Drake’s Blem!!!! That song gets to me in such a way I cannot even explain Lol. I’m such a huge fan of drake and I’m excited for the new album.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading what I’ve been up to and so what are your plans for Easter? If you’re in Lagos and intend on doing something really fun please let me know, I have no plans and it would be great to turn up( covers face).

Have an amazing week ahead and happy Eastery darlings.



20 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Would ve never guessed it was a skirt and top if you hadn’t mentioned. You look amazing.
    Yass Alex is definitely an inspiration


  2. I honestly thought that was a dress. Black looks good on you, I mean, which colour doesn’t. Concerning your brand, God will definitely see your plans through. I enjoyed reading this.


  3. omg i got that email too and i really want to attend the food fair
    but im in abuja
    sigh…they should come do one here oo lol


  4. Yasss black looks good on you. Big ups to Alex on getting her boss game up and tight. My first waffle experience wasn’t deserving of a second, but this picture of yours is tempting. I guess I’d try it out. Hope to see you at the food fair


  5. Gurl congratz on scoring an A in your appraisal. I really know how important that is.
    I love your outfit, I also thought it was a dress when I saw the picture on IG.
    I’m still waiting for my birthday gift and just in case you decide to attend the Food fair biko carry me along. (Thanks in advance)
    My Style Look Book Series


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